Live In Each Moment


Live In Each MomentLive In Each Moment!

“Be aware of the tremendous value of being alive. When you realize the great treasure that lies in every second of life, you will experience the great joy that is inherent in each moment. This awareness will motivate you to utilize each moment to its fullest”

~ Rabbi Chayim Zaitchyk



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  1. I would cherish responding, however . . . I have not yet received confirmation to my request for membership . . . . made 24’hours ago. I do not desire to be played as someone’s fool ! Play w/ someone else !

    • We’re sorry, we don’t have membership set up for our site, but we do have a place for you to subscribe by email so that you will receive a notification when we have a new post. We appreciate and look forward to hearing your thoughts and comments, so please feel free to share.

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