Moose, Wildflowers and Sunsets to Die For

Sunset Brainard Lake, CO
Sunset Brainard Lake, CO

Our recent “need to get away” adventure took us to Brainard Lake a few hours west of Denver at an altitude of 10,500′ where we would leave the heat of summer behind, sleep under cool evening stars and experience moose, wildflowers and sunsets to die for.

Wildflowers along St Vrain Creek

The colors of spring and summer in full swing along the St Vrain Creek. Any trip to this area will be first experienced through the color of the wildflowers that blanket the landscape. From lazy lakes in the valley to energetic streams along the trail to the high mountain passes and peaks still covered in snow, the color is an explosion of the full spectrum raining down on the Brainard Lake and Indian Peaks area. Indeed, Bob Ross [and his happy little trees] would have loved this place 🙂

Bull Moose at Brainard Lake
Bull Moose at Brainard Lake

Just when we thought our adventure couldn’t get any better, we enjoyed a surprise encounter of five incredibly majestic bull moose along the bank of Brainard Lake enjoying the willows as much as we were enjoying not only them, but, as the title of this blog says, Moose, Wildflowers and Sunsets to Die For!

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Lost in the Moment

InThe Moment

When we speak without words…
When we embrace without touch…
When we get lost in the moment…When our souls ache to be near…
…I’d walk to the ends of the earth to find you


Monday Morning

Rollins PassNothing exotic…just us. Simple words describing a simple day. We got up early, made our coffee, mumbled a few sleepy words and then went for a drive. No place special, nothing exceptional, just you and me driving, holding hands and being in the moment. I watched you watching me, the occasional lost in the moment experience that seemed to go on forever. It was timeless, it was special, it was just us lost in the day spending time together doing nothing. I’d like to do it all over again, and again…and again. We don’t need to conquer the world or attain any status, we just need to be in our own space, in our own time for as long as that lasts. In those moments the world shrinks away and time stops. I can’t wait for it to happen again.