Campground Ethics


Camping in busy and crowded campgrounds is an activity we’d rather not endure, though there are times when it becomes a necessary alternative. While many are pleasant even in their heavy use seasons, there are some that would be better left to the unethical and inexperienced once a summer weekend campers. Even trails can become overcrowded in peak seasons, leaving those seeking peace and quiet wondering if they should have stayed at home if everyone is now on the trail!

A recent outing we went on to what should have been, or better said, what we hoped would be, a much needed relaxing and uneventful outdoor excursion felt more like a trip to a park in the middle of a city. Let’s just stop and think about this, why do any of us seek to spend time in the outdoors far removed from city life? Quiet? Nature? Hello? Bueller? Needless to say none of those things existed, bummer. In replacement we endured camp gatherings all around that brought with them all their typical inner city entertainment, yeah, they were all plugged in and sharing with the rest of us. If that weren’t enough, the complete and utter disrespect for personal space seemed to be nonexistent. People parking just about any old place they could find to stow their vehicles and walking through other campsites to get where they were going, ultimately the party! Wow, in all our years this one has got to top the list of bad camp ethics.

Is this a blog or a rant? Let’s just call it venting and hopefully it will fall on the right ears, that being the one’s who seem to think the above behavior is appropriate. If it’s a party you want, electronic entertainment or your basic shindig in central park, please, for the love of mankind and his sanity, stay in the city and let those of us who are looking for a serene wilderness experience find it in the unplugged and quiet setting of nature. Just saying 🙂




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