I Love Watching You Live

Mt Flora
Mt Flora, CO [CDT]
Good morning beautiful, I hope you’re not tired of me rambling on about us…though, to some degree, I suppose it will continue. When you asked me to define “us” it set in motion a complex evolution of curiosities that I’ve determined will keep evolving just as our own relationship is. It’s really a simple matter to me, I love you for who you are, the incredible soul and mind I fell deeply in love with years ago.

In a synoptic and uncomplicated approach to defining our relationship [from my own unadulterated view] nothing has changed. Sure, we have children together, we’ve grown older, our bodies are aging… so what. We’re here, you and me, going forward, living and loving, deeply impacted by each other and exploring life as it unfolds one day at a time.

Am I ever afraid? Sure! But why would I be? I trust you with all my being! What I don’t trust is you out-living me. Morbid? No, just an honest response to real fear. I don’t want to ever wake up and make coffee for just me. I want to grow old with you, I want to be at your side when the end [of this life] comes, and I want to emerge on the other side with you and laugh about what we went through and how silly it really was in the context of eternity and all the preconceived notions humanity has about what it is. Keep it real I say, be yourself, physically, mentally, spiritually.

We’ve lived, learned and grown up together. The only constant I want is you, here with me. Where we are otherwise is not always where we’ll be, or maybe it is…who knows, who cares, let’s just be. I didn’t choose to be with you for any one reason, G-d forbid! You are the complete package of a dream that only I could have had. Your unique being is the other half of my own bizarre and unorthodox self.

What standard exists in the known universe that could possibly set a pattern for love? There are no books, nor are there any self-help classes to prepare, explain or allow anyone to grasp what truly develops emotionally on such transcendent and yet perplexing, and might I add, rather esoteric condition of the personal human existence. It just is, we just are, and, as we have experienced and lived out in our own lives, becomes. Mind, body and spirit melded into an emotional resonance of our true beings set forth in motion when we first made contact.

But was that physical? Spiritual? Had we not already met in a life before? Were we not just reacting to what we already envisioned in our own dreams? Yeah, it seems a bit complicated, intriguing…though over the top. Indeed, it has made for great conversation, but on a rudimentary level I choose the simple observation of what it, that being us and our feelings that have withstood time and the fact that no matter what happens…it will always be us.

Beyond that, I’d love to spend endless evenings with you contemplating the subject even if we come to no conclusion…and I hope we don’t! In my mind, there can be no reason for what is. If you’re ever wondering why I’m just staring at you, don’t worry, you don’t have BBQ sauce on your cheek, it’s purely because I love watching you live!



Is Life Just a Grand Illusion?

MAD Hippies Life Diamond Lake Indian Peaks Wilderness Colorado

Indian Peaks Wilderness

Is life just a grand illusion? The more time we spend in nature the more questions come to mind about how we as humans live, treat each other and exist in our daily lives back in the “man made world.” To each his own one might say. It’s funny though, watching nature play out in its private and somewhat cutoff existence from the rest of mankind, “naturally” evolving with time, ecosystems interacting, changing, growing and manipulating itself through the natural order of things, the everyday grind seems to reveal itself as a seemingly out of touch and cold unintended way of life. Granted man continues to chew up more space, always on the hunt for land to develop, there are places still remote and protected where time still stands still so to speak, quietly and almost effortlessly moving forward without notice from the craziness of man and machine. We love such environments where time is meaningless, thoughts are raw and unfiltered, and the reality of our own mortality and how we “choose” to live life stares you down and begs the question, is life just a grand illusion?



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Breakfast With Bullwinkle

Brainard Lake, CO

A recent trip to one of out favorite hiking destinations hinted to us that fall was definitely in the air and winter is not that far off. While it’s no real surprise, as we are in the Colorado Rocky Mountain Region, it just seems that it should be early October instead of September. Our advise, stop looking at the calendar and keep your eye on nature. The wildlife is actively foraging, the leaves on the trees are turning, the high peaks are dusted with new snow and the cool morning air just seems to have that “here comes winter” smell.

St Vrain Creek

Many people might be thinking about putting away their hiking boots and camping gear now that the seasons are turning, while we just get even more encouraged to hike on. Each season holds its own unique beauty and experience, fall and winter indeed can change the same old hike into a whole new adventure.  We highly recommend year round outdoor expeditions to grasp how nature changes with the seasons and holds secrets that otherwise go unseen in the deep of winter. Now is a great time to educate and equip yourself for cold weather hiking.

Moose at Brainard Lake
Moose at Brainard Lake

We just couldn’t stop thinking [and noticing] on this early morning at Brainard Lake that the seasons are indeed changing. The signs are there and it won’t be long before we strap on the snowshoes, bundle up and hit the trail, albeit buried in deep snow. We hope to see you on the trail, hike on! And yes, the moose are still out and about at Brainard Lake, every morning and evening they’re on the southwest side of the lake enjoying the plentiful vegetation, stop by some time and have breakfast with Bullwinkle…you’ll be glad you did!

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