Living in the Moment Where Memories are Made

Living in the Moment When Memories are Made

Living in the Moment When Memories are Made Living in the Moment Where Memories are Made

OK, maybe I didn’t have some earth shattering headline news event, but around here life happens, it unfolds minute by minute, and every memory is precious to us. Those silly little moments we have that don’t really mean much to most people, if at all, become our greatest life events. Why? Because it’s life, it’s our relationship unfolding one minute at a time, our memories being held close to our hearts about events that only matter to us.

Events that we can look back on years later and still laugh, still smile at one another, still feel the emotion of the moment all over again and continue living in the moment when memories are made, our memories.

Being mindful of our experiences within our relationship is paramount.

Perhaps this is the reason we live day to day, moment by moment, embracing everything as if today were all that we get. Life is short and fragile, take hold of each moment and keep it close. Indeed, all of the [stuff] that you’re supposed to do to make the technicalities of living day to day won’t matter, but all of those memories that we made, embraced and lived in will.

Every day we get up is another opportunity to run head on into living in the moment when memories are made. Without even knowing it, you sit back, soak in the precious space in time, laugh a little, smile a little and embrace a soul warming moment that you know will stick with you forever.

That being said, I had a few realizations this morning that will stick with me, with us, forever. I know it happened, it was real. I felt it. Then I shared it with Debbie and I saw the same reaction in her.

What a precious time for us both to live in the moment when memories are made.

1) Debbie thanked me for watching Anne [with an “E”] of Green Gables, I’m not sure why, I realized I love watching it [and all of the so called romantic comedies that we’ve seen over the years, and now own].

2) I had to laugh at myself when I realized [after questioning Debbie] that it was me that put the toilet paper roll on backwards. Sure, it’s subjective…our tissue rolls over the top!

3) Debbie and I have really been together for 33ish years! We were putting together a photo/video thing of us through the years and it just hit me, again.

Enjoy life! Laugh, love and live in the moment when memories are made.



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Snowshoeing in Paradise

 MAD Hippies Life Snowshoeing Rocky Mountain National ParkOur recent trip to Rocky Mountain National Park was nothing short of incredible.

It doesn’t matter how many times we head off on a trail in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, we’re still going to be amazed at the landscape. Winter vs Summer, much less Spring or Fall, there is excitement and energy that is unique within the current season that cannot be replicated in another. We’ve found that the same trail can hold a plethora of observations that are unique to that day alone. The trails are always changing as nature itself is in constant transition.

MAD Hippies Life Snowshoeing Rocky Mountain National Park

Granted snowshoeing is done in a more, how should we say, “brisk” setting, with the necessary precautions and proper gear the outing can not only be successful, but very enjoyable. Lots of people think winter is not the time they want to head off into the mountains to go for a hike, but we’ll tell you different. Indeed, because of this there are less people on the trail making for a more intimate experience. Whereas summer can bring a crowd because of the preferred weather conditions.

MAD Hippies Life Snowshoeing Rocky Mountain National Park

In between storms is our favorite time to head out. There just seems to be a calm about nature during these times, perhaps as a way of preparing and recovering at the same time. Who knows. It just has an energy about it where the air is still, the silence is magical and nature watches you and puts on a show inviting you to explore further eyes wide open. With your mind ablaze with curiosity of the next bend in the trail, each new revelation just leaves you stunned at your surroundings. Times like these calm the soul and rejuvenate your sense of being alive.

Peace 🙂


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Why We Are MAD – Our Keepsake Story

Miller and Debbie Harrell, Running Away Was Not an Option

Miller and Debbie HarrellThis is our story, the story that made us MAD. It is very special to us, and we feel honored to have Project Keepsake share it, please read Why Are They MAD? A Keepsake Story.

Why Do Men Want Man Caves?

 MAD Hippies Life Man Cave Demver ColoradoI’ll just get right to the point, why the hell would I want a man cave?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but from what I’ve been able to ascertain the current social meme of a man cave is that it’s a place for men and their buddies to get away from their wives, girlfriends, significant others, etc… and do men things.

I guess I missed the memo on this so called masculine, and somewhat neanderthalic behavior, where men disappear into their “men only” domains and play poker, entertain crude jokes, talk about [other] women, watch football or god knows what other anti-women activities, hence the name “man” cave.

Simply put, I just don’t get it.

I married my best friend in high school and have enjoyed her company ever since. I have never felt the need, or lacking for that matter, to have a men only zone. We enjoy all activities together not because we have to, but because we want to.

It’s pretty simple, and quite understandable [should be], why would we want to spend our time apart, we like all the same things and enjoy each other’s company? Perhaps I just got lucky, in the simplest of terms, my wife just happens to be my best friend. I guess it’s just a bonus for me that my wife fits that bill, whereas, perhaps, some have best friends other than their wives or husbands.

Hell, what do I know anyway? To each his own I generally say, and agree most of the time, but when it comes to marriage, when we separate out our time with our spouses I have to wonder if the phrase “United We Stand, Divided We Fall” rings true? I don’t need time away, I don’t need guys night out [or in] and I sure don’t need to seek good times outside of the genuinely exciting and amazing marriage I have with my best friend and soul mate.


The “M” in MAD

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