Living in the Moment Where Memories are Made

Living in the Moment When Memories are Made

Living in the Moment Where Memories are Made

OK, maybe I didn’t have some earth shattering headline news event, but around here life happens, it unfolds minute by minute, and every memory is precious to us. Those silly little moments we have that don’t really mean much to most people, if at all, become our greatest life events. Why? Because it’s life, it’s our relationship unfolding one minute at a time, our memories being held close to our hearts about events that only matter to us.

Events that we can look back on years later and still laugh, still smile at one another, still feel the emotion of the moment all over again and continue living in the moment when memories are made, our memories.

Being mindful of our experiences within our relationship is paramount.

Perhaps this is the reason we live day to day, moment by moment, embracing everything as if today were all that we get. Life is short and fragile, take hold of each moment and keep it close. Indeed, all of the [stuff] that you’re supposed to do to make the technicalities of living day to day won’t matter, but all of those memories that we made, embraced and lived in will.

Every day we get up is another opportunity to run head on into living in the moment when memories are made. Without even knowing it, you sit back, soak in the precious space in time, laugh a little, smile a little and embrace a soul warming moment that you know will stick with you forever.

That being said, I had a few realizations this morning that will stick with me, with us, forever. I know it happened, it was real. I felt it. Then I shared it with Debbie and I saw the same reaction in her.

What a precious time for us both to live in the moment when memories are made.

1) Debbie thanked me for watching Anne [with an “E”] of Green Gables, I’m not sure why, I realized I love watching it [and all of the so called romantic comedies that we’ve seen over the years, and now own].

2) I had to laugh at myself when I realized [after questioning Debbie] that it was me that put the toilet paper roll on backwards. Sure, it’s subjective…our tissue rolls over the top!

3) Debbie and I have really been together for 33ish years! We were putting together a photo/video thing of us through the years and it just hit me, again.

Enjoy life! Laugh, love and live in the moment when memories are made.



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30 thoughts on “Living in the Moment Where Memories are Made

  1. Memories are such a special gift. I am trying to store up the memories my parents had as children so I can keep passing those wonderful stories down to my kids!


    1. Great idea, passing on stories, traditions and the like for future generations. I was blessed to receive several journals my great grandmother wrote in over the years that included stories from when I was very young. Great stuff! – Miller [the “M” in MAD]


    1. Perfectly put Natasha, “when” you have been together…that’s a positive look forward knowing you will, enjoy life and each other!


  2. Yes, every day, hour, minute, and second is a blessing and a memory. It is the simple things that I love the most. The sun on my little girls hair, a new tooth for the baby, the giggles of my oldest at night when they think we think they are asleep. I always love reading your posts! πŸ™‚


    1. It’s a busy world, slowing down [at least trying to] and enjoying each moment is paramount. Some days you just have to make yourself stop πŸ˜‰


    1. You’re welcome Jess. We all get so busy, it’s life. Taking time out can go a long way in keeping us healthy, body, mind and spirit!


    1. Silly and personal we like to say. Those moments when no one sees or hears but a world of wonder is unfolding. Great times to keep close and hold onto πŸ˜€


    1. Thanks Rebecca! Indeed a great series, it helped me transition into Gilmore Girls πŸ˜‰ – Miller [the “M” in MAD]


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