Rolling on the Floor Laughing

Rolling on the Floor Laughing Rolling on the Floor Laughing is far better than sitting up properly, being stoic and etiquettely acceptable.

I think innocence and the joy of being in the moment somehow gets lost as we age. Granted that comes as a no-brainer, it still is quite bothersome to think about. We all do it, slowly but surely…

Why do we allow life to become dulled by our day in and day out tasks as we age? Are we just lulled into thinking we have to be and act a certain way as we grow up? We have fun when we are young, but as an adult we hang up our ability to laugh and see the world as a child, eyes wide open and ablaze with amazement at all the things to learn and see?

Alas, as I get older I’m thinking there’s so much wrong with the way we’re supposed to live I’ll just not worry about how my life looks, what the procrastinators and naysayers are saying, or will say, and just laugh, love and experience together with Debbie, our family and friends without a care for societal norms.

Rolling on the Floor Laughing seems like such a great way to experience life, innocently and carelessly being happy.

With all the hype around the Superbowl, all the commercials, all the entertainment and of course the big game itself, I found myself on the floor having the time of my life with our grandson. I’m not surprised. I’ve never really been a big fan of sports, though I keep up to some degree, it’s just never been that big of a deal.

Perhaps I missed the instructions on what I’m supposed to do and be like as a man. The teams seem more like businesses now days, the commercials are all trying to manipulate me into buying things I don’t need (quite deceptively and immorally at that) and it all just appears to be a game of money and self-inflated pride.

As a secret conspiracy theorists I believe the whole season and Superbowl from the get go are rigged anyway. It’s like a whole new (not so new) spin on reality TV. In my mind it’s all about entertainment, commercials and big money.

Quite honestly I think the last time I was ever really excited about watching football was back in the 1970s when teams seemed to stick together and not chase after the big paycheck.

Growing up it was much better to wait on that rainy day when we’d all head outside to play in the yard, to me that was the real football. It never mattered who won, and I honestly don’t remember if anyone kept score.

Rolling on the Floor Laughing just seems to be, well, fun! I never really got ROFL till now (I had to look it up). But I’ve got to say, for all it’s worth as an acronym for modern texting slang, it has a simple notion of allowing ourselves to feel, to release, to enjoy once again.

All I know is that as soon as the game started I found myself watching Debbie, our daughter, our son-in-law and our grandson. That was more amazing than anything on the TV. Their expressions, conversations and laughter was all I needed to enjoy the evening. At some point in the fun I wound up on the floor batting a toy back and forth between me and our grandson, seeing his eyes light up and laugh was just spectacular.

That’s life!

Every new experience to him just seems to build his curiosity about his surroundings as he grows up before our eyes. Each new learning experience raw, real and mind blowing. What happens to us as we get older, do we lose the ability to see life from such an innocent mindset?

Peace πŸ˜€


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14 Replies to “Rolling on the Floor Laughing”

    1. Fast it is llona. It’s mind blowing sometimes to stop and think about time and where it has all gone. One of our favorite Pink Floyd songs, Time, gives reference to this… “And then one day you find ten years have got behind you”


  1. Kids will really make you re-evaluate these things, won’t they? I agree, the voices that tell us what we are ‘supposed’ to do, whether internal or external to us, sometimes just have to be shushed up!


    1. Taking control and knowing what is important to you and your family is paramount. Whereas advice is just that, advice…not a directive…it worked for someone else.


  2. I personally have had to learn how to ROFL with my son because I have always been so serious But Life is so much more enjoyable with laughter. Great post.. — Fellow Secret Conspiracy theorist.


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