Avery Brewing Company

Avery Brewing Company

Avery Brewing CompanyIn the microbrewery world quality is king.

Avery Brewing Company of Boulder, CO was founded in 1993 and has made the claim of being a “family-owned craft brewery committed to producing eccentric ales and lagers that defy styles or categories”. Indeed they have done just that. We have sampled many different offerings from Avery and have yet to entertain a brew we didn’t like. From far left to far right, or better yet, from the lighter side all the way [and perhaps beyond] the far dark side, these microbrews and craft beers will please the palate and have you coming back for more. We love their ability to experiment and try new combinations of flavors.

And if that weren’t enough for you, Avery has gone and created an oasis in Boulder for the craft beer lover. Their new facility is top notch and appears to have the same ingredients as their beers in that quality is king. We spent some time exploring, speaking with staff and enjoying a few of our favorite brews along side some amazing food while there. With a restaurant upstairs and an indoor / outdoor patio downstairs to boot, there’s certainly a place for everyone here as the food and drink options are available at both.

We began with a visit upstairs to their fabulous restaurant that has a surprisingly great menu. Our server, Matt B., was friendly and more than knowledgeable, eagerly fielding our questions. Being from the Gulf States we found it quite welcoming to know that the chef studied in Gulfport, MS and wanted to bring southern style food with a Boulder twist to the menu, and did so wonderfully! And, as an added bonus, there are the vegetarian options, hence the Boulder twist! Great food to go with great beer is what we came for and received.

Speaking of beer, yeah Avery fans, it’s all here! There are 30 taps of your favorite Avery brew and an excellent friendly and knowledgeable staff to help guide you through the experience all in a great atmosphere. After you eat / drink you can take a tour or just go for a self-guided curious walk through the brewery.

Avery Brewing Company is now located at 4910 Nautilus Ct in Boulder, CO. Their tap room and restaurant are open 11am-11pm Daily.



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Overcoming Personal Challenges

The Loch Rocky Mountain National Park

Ā The Loch Rocky Mountain National ParkHave you ever been stuck between a rock and a hard place? Our latest adventure had us in just such a place of overcoming personal challenges.

Which way should we go? I don’t know. One is obvious and unfamiliar, the other is obscured but the only way we’ve ever gone. Both are daunting, difficult and quite intimidating.

There we were, only a half mile away from fulfilling a dream of backpacking in a winter setting to The Loch, an amazing gem hidden deep within Rocky Mountain National Park. There was no way we were going to stop now! Only accessible by hiking in, or in our case, snowshoeing. The Loch is a picturesque mountain setting. Complete with a beautiful lake, clear running streams and surrounded on three sides by towering mountains dressed with glaciers and pristine white snow.

It was the first weekend of spring in Colorado and unseasonably warm in the high country, 20s overnight, 50s during the day. We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to pack in and surround ourselves with the raw and untamed wild of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Backcountry camping can be a bit overwhelming at first, as you are far from services, your vehicle and people. Cut off, you’re on your own.

Camping at The Loch Rocky Mountain National Park

Not only was it the first weekend of spring, indeed there was something else brewing in the air. It was to be the vernal equinox accompanied by a supermoon and solar eclipse. Say what you will, but the energy in the air just seemed to have an intriguing sensation to it. The area we were in, part of Glacier Gorge, is known for extreme winds, and yet the air was still, calm…deafening. We sat in the pitch black of our campsite awe struck at the innumerable stars, twinkling and shooting across the night sky. The silence was intoxicating.

And yet, we stood in between two avenues. We had come so far and were getting excited that our destination was close at hand. Following a familiar route we came to an abrupt stop on the trail. The summer route we knew well was buried deep in snow, obscured and hidden under the winter snowfall. We had never attempted this in the winter and were not familiar with the winter trail that followed The Loch’s outflow stream that usually is running fiercely through the gorge from snow melt in the summer months.

Snowshoeing The Loch Rocky Mountain National Park

Although we saw evidence of other hikers heading that way, we had never taken it and did not exactly know where it led. It could be to The Loch, or it could be to another valley away from our destination putting us even further away. The winter route dubbed Icy Brook is more of a steep icy / snow climb that didn’t sound too inviting to two weary backpackers who were carrying heavy packs and were all too ready to be at their destination. We opted for the summer route instead.

With no visible trace of the trail we relied on our GPS device to lead the way. Granted we were “supposedly” on the trail, we were also knee to hip deep in snow drudging up the side of a mountain. Indeed, a workout! Once we made our way up the steep snowy slope we came to an area we knew well. Just below The Loch now, we resumed our hike in by our own intuition of the lay of the land. Incredible views all around, we left our uncertainty behind us and made the final ascent to The Loch.

Snowshoeing to The Loch Rocky Mountain National Park

We spent some time reacquainting ourselves with our old friend [The Loch], whom we’d only visited in the comfort of summer. A now frozen over lake and deep snow in all directions, finding a suitable campsite might seem difficult. We’d talked about it before even beginning our trek, we wanted a room with a view! After a short while it’s as if the clouds had parted, the birds began to sing and a ray of beautiful golden sunlight came down from the heavens and shown down on an outcropping above the lake that was free of snow and provided 360 degree views of The Loch and all its beauty. We were there.

Snowshoeing Rocky Mountain National Park, Icy Brook

When it was time to leave we begrudgingly packed up our tent, sleeping bags and belongings, stuffing them back in our packs to make our way back to the trailhead and home. But we weren’t done yet. We had spent some time exploring around The Loch during our stay and discovered that the Icy Brook route was indeed the winter trail that would take us back to where we would meet up with what we already were familiar with. It was like looking over a cliff. We met our fears, took it slow and prepared ourselves for the steep descent. Once at the safety of the bottom we just looked at each other and smiled, let’s do it again…but another day! Exhausted, though happy to have made the trek, we were thrilled to have gotten through some learning curves and uncertainty. It was another one for the books that filled us with new found joy of experiencing the wild untamed backcountry of the Rocky Mountains.

To enjoy more photos of this outing and others like it, visit our MAD Hippies Life Rocky Mountain National Park Flickr Album


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The Majority Rules

The Majority Rules

The Majority RulesThe rule of thumb seems to have always been the majority rules. History can speak for itself, the majority is not always the side to be on! We’re not at odds with society, they can do whatever the hell they want, we’re at odds with ourselves for living in it for so long.

We’re just trying to be honest with ourselvesĀ in the face of the so called “normative” society.

Let’s just start by putting a warning label on this post. It’s raw, off the cuff and quite honestly, real. Intended to be frank, use language and not follow whatever the supposed proper etiquette is, we don’t want to dress this up in fear of losing theĀ true emotion that [to us] realistically portrays the true essence of the content.

So pull up a chair and enjoy the real us and the thoughts that dominate our minds on any given day.

We hate to come across as bitching or ranting as we hate drama to the nth degree. Our passion is quiet, mellow and tranquil. Probably the reason we love hiking in the mountains so much. Though you might find it disturbing to know [hell we find it disturbing] that the following is a brief glimpse inside our heads and of the never-ending thoughts that plague us as we witness life together unfolding all around us.

Indeed, we find the human experience can unfortunately be cold, cruel and demanding as it taxes every resource of our being to not go to the zoo on any given day. Why you ask? Good question. But before you call the funny farm to come pick us up, at least hear our claim.

We know that all people are good, they don’t always act as such, but indeed we have faith that somehow, someway, indeed all people are good. To that we would also add that all people know to do good, or at the very least they do know the difference between good and bad. Simply put, does a liar want to be lied to? Does a thief want to be stolen from? Does a murderer want to be killed? No.

So then, for the love of humanity, why do we find ourselves spewing thoughts like, “seriously, people are as much idiots as they are assholes?” That was a statement that was thrown out in conversation this morning, and that was after the morning ritual coffee intake.

In our defense, that statement was in response to the people who made hurtful comments toward women who are petite, skinny or just small all around in their build, not because they’re vain but because that’s the way they are made, the way they were brought into this world. We’d go into a deep rant about that topic, but fortunately someone already has, and did so wonderfully [This One’s for My Skinny Sisters]. And if that isn’t enough to convince you. try watching the news, there are plenty of individuals being reported on that show off their true nature at 5:00 on any given evening!

We’re all different [thank G-d], but unfortunately many aren’t living that way, so to speak.

It’s our honest opinion that only a small percentage of people think outside the box. Though we wish we were wrong about that, and perhaps are, our experiences tell us otherwise as it just seems that it is this way. There are times when we just want to scream “for the love of humanity, get your head out of your ass America” but stupid is as stupid does and it seems that many can’t get past the pill they’ve taken. Can we blame them though? It’s a real tricky line to walk.

Most just want to get by, like us, and be left alone in their own small world. They want what they want and live in that. The problem is, do they really want what they want? When it comes to the majority rules, memes can be a heavy sociological weapon in society, driving the economy, politics, hell even religion for that matter. Just a bunch of freaking lemmings following each other around trying to fit in and rise to the top of their class. We digress.

Just be yourself for goodness sake, enough of this proper etiquette bullshit we’ve been indoctrinated with from the onset of public education. Throw-up that damn pill, stand on your own two feet and become a people of creative, intelligent and critical thought!

Honestly, it appears most people have become idiots in the so called age of information all for not being themselves. It seems they’re afraid of what others will think of them if they step outside of the so called notion of what is proper. Sadly, everyone is doing it and following each other around. Whatever becomes the latest and greatest becomes the new norm. Nobody wants to be different [be themselves] because they want to be accepted and they want to be successful. Unfortunately they miss the boat and fail miserably. Success as a human is not monetary, it’s not power and it’s certainly not the American dream [whatever that is].

Success as a human is rising above “all that” and becoming a person that can make a difference, a real difference in the human experience.

For the Love of Humanity, it’s not religion, it’s not politics, it’s not how much money you make…it’s just being a good person, sensitive to the needs of others and supporting them in their journey. The majority rules is not always the way to go…



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