Love and Trust

Love and Trust

Love and Trust

I am incapable of loving or trusting someone whose memories are not my own.

There’s a lot in that statement, perhaps more than one would care to ponder. Needless to say, it raw, it’s real and quite frankly, honest.

My head is full of conspiracy theories and my confidence in the human race is almost nonexistent. I trust few and love even less. Love and trust do not come easy, if at all, and are only come by over time through constant interaction and shared experiences, good, bad or indifferent.

When I do love, I love hard.

My trust in someone is always on trial as my mind is in constant surveillance looking to protect my heart. Though I don’t need to love, much less trust, when I do, it’s forever.

My love and trust are hauntingly curious, always in perpetual need of being in the presence of those it’s attached to. They seek not necessarily just the mind or heart, but the soul, the compilation of true existence where energy, emotion and spirituality combine in the true essence of being.

To love is one thing, to trust is another, but to love and trust [completely] is an entirely different challenge that few can rise to. A journey of a lifetime perhaps, a moment in time worth capturing and holding onto to no end, a chance meeting that cannot be planned for or imagined, it just is.

I have found but one. And while I sought none, there can be no other, indeed it just is.

Did we set it in motion in another time? Did we choose this life? Did life choose us? An inconsequential point, for where there is a beginning there will be an end, but where there is no beginning, there can be no end. Our love and trust is not of this world, though reunited in it, it bares the notion of endless time, memories only of the present, but love eternal. This too shall be a tale of human endeavor in the hereafter.

My heart, mind and soul collided with itself and we became one. Our strengths complement our weaknesses and make us better together than apart. We were lost, never content with the human experience, yet constantly yearning for the unexplained need of our [then] fragmented souls. Once reunited it was obvious, magical, completely surreal and otherworldly. From then on the emptiness expired and fulfillment was set ablaze with open eyes and the unending future of love, trust and experience together, something never anticipated.

A favorite quote that speaks volumes:

“From every human being there rises a light that reaches straight to heaven, and when two souls that are destined to be together find each other, their streams of light flow together and a single brighter light goes forth from their united being.” – Baal Shem Tov



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Eyes of Innocence

Exploring Life

 Exploring LifeIt’s hard to imagine losing that sense of curiosity of exploring life through the eyes of innocence

Aging is inevitable. The older we get, the more transitions take place and the more we move well beyond our innocence. But is it a choice we’re making? Is it just something that happens? Is it just out of our control, a fact of life that we will change despite our efforts?

Children have a way of reminding us that not that long ago we too were excited to awake each new day eyes wide open and exploring life through the eyes of innocence. The beauty of life, the thrill of the unknown and the relentless ability of our imagination to conjure up emotions and vivid pictures of what lies around the corner.

Does it just happen? One day we awake to find ourselves older, wiser…different? Do we even know it’s happening? Days, months and years go by. Hell, seconds, minutes and hours can change life. In the blink of an eye our fragile lives can go from one extreme to another! All the more reason to take hold of each moment and make it special, make it worthwhile and make it a precious memory of an awesome state of being alive. After all, being alive is a gift.

To not have thought, to not have expression, to not be at all would be, well, void. There would be nothing to consider, there would be no cognitive thought and there would be no you. That’s a difficult and perplexing [and somewhat dark] thought. Indeed, it is the reality we all exist in.

Putting aside all the things we have been “trained” to accept as the human experience, at the base of it all is our unfathomable blessing of getting the chance to be at all. In that light, wouldn’t life be better viewed as an awesome gift, an ability to investigate all things great and small and set out exploring life through the eyes of innocence?



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Lake Isabelle Early Spring Hike

Winter Indian Peaks Wilderness Colorado

This is indeed why we hike, why we seek the solace of the high country and why we love sharing our experiences that others might be inspired to step out of their comfort zone and see it with their own eyes. Lake Isabelle is just such a place to step outside of everyday life and into the wild unknown.

Lake Isabelle hidden from the outside world lies just to the south of Rocky Mountain National Park in the Indian Peaks Wilderness. And while many do seek an alpine experience here during the summer months, few will make the trek through the deep snow of the winter season which can linger well into June.

Winter Lake Isabelle Indian Peaks Wilderness Colorado

At just under 11,000′ in elevation, Lake Isabelle sits protected from the hustle and bustle of the modern world, surrounded by three spectacular peaks, Navajo (13,409′), Apache (13,441′) and Shoshoni (12,967′) and fed by the Isabelle Glacier (12,000′) via the St Vrain Creek.

While getting here is not like climbing Mt Everest, the altitude is something to respect if you’re not used to its effects. Patience is the key as you climb steadily along the trail past vast mountain views, clear running streams, lush forests and the ever present Indian Peaks which stand guard over the area.

Our latest outing was nothing less than amazing. The traditional summer trail is not passable in winter and early spring, as it is buried deep under a blanket of winter snow.

One must take precautions by understanding the lay of the land and be quite familiar with route finding and topographical maps. While the use of a GPS device can be helpful, if the batteries ever fail, you’d be on your own. Add to this technical aspect of finding your way there and back, and knowledge of unpredictable weather in the high country is a major plus to a great experience in the Colorado high country.

Lake Isabelle Winter Hike Indian Peaks Wilderness Colorado

Our route took us away from the summer trail and across Long Lake’s northern shore. Long Lake is itself a beautiful destination, and fed also by the St Vrain Creek as it cascades down the mountain out of Lake Isabelle’s eastern outlet.

Following Long Lake to the this drainage point out of Lake Isabelle was indeed our route. The final ascent up the drainage is demanding, as it is typically a beautiful waterfall in the summer, though in winter resembles more of a narrow ski run, steep and well covered in pristine snow. Once we made the ridge, the peaks around the lake began to appear and our excitement grew.

Getting here can be a challenge in the winter, but the reward is overwhelming. Being in the presence of such a place is breathtaking. Pictures can do no justice, neither can our words, it just simply is an exhilarating alpine experience that has to be seen and explored to understand.

From this vantage point, if your able to turn away from the lake, you can see the entire route from which you came and be able to put it all into perspective.

St Vrain Creek Winter lake Isabelle Indian Peaks Wilderness Colorado

From the Isabelle Glacier, Lake Isabelle, the St Vrain Creek, down through the valley and into Long Lake, this is indeed why we hike, why we seek the solace of the high country and why we love sharing our experiences that others might be inspired to step out of their comfort zone and see it with their own eyes.

Being in the wild untamed wilderness has a way of reminding us of how beautiful the natural world is.

To see more photos of the Indian Peaks Wilderness visit the MAD Hippies Flickr page. We hope to see you on the trail 😀



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Keep it Real

Life Happening All Around UsThere are moments that catch our attention, if but for a second, and we stop, eyes wide open and sit in awe. Keep it real, if but for a second, and watch time bend, change and evolve into something entirely foreign to a modern plugged in society.

Life is happening all around us. Some of us embrace it. Some of us are disgusted by it. Some of us are oblivious to it. And, while you can lie to a man’s heart, perhaps even his mind, the soul will know and the truth will be seen. There is something far more majestic than becoming successful in the eyes of the monetary world, indeed there is life in each one of us, life that eagerly awaits time to stand still. It’s hard to watch the world in chaos, so many hurting, so many being taken advantage of and so many people manipulating everything to no end all in the name of supposed freedom and success. At the end of the day we all seem to be slaves to something.

Each year that passes we [MAD] seem to get a little more concrete in our eclectic view of life, if that were possible. A very interesting process, to say the least, of an evolutionary self awareness of two lovestruck teenagers who once sat in class eagerly awaiting the bell to ring so we could see each other in the hall. Now we sit and stare at the same clock waiting for work to end so we can be reunited in like fashion. In time we plan on giving that clock a good funeral so we can tell time with nothing more than the passing of seasons.

This year seems to be special already. Something brewing in the air perhaps. Who knows. We just keep looking deep into each other’s eyes and are more fascinated than ever at who and what we’ve become. Call us rebellious, but we love walking our own road, outside the norm, where we are on the outside looking in and wonder what makes the world the way it is. To each his own we say, all the while perplexed at the gravity of it all. The world seems to be going forward at a shocking pace, no one stopping to think, to listen, to feel.

There are moments that catch our attention, if but for a second, and we stop, eyes wide open and sit in awe. The beauty, the solace and the enduring simplicity of a moment in time that was taken out of the rat race perhaps as a way to stop us in our tracks and remind our souls that there is life in this place. Keep it real and maybe, just maybe, those moments that are always happening will begin to appear and meld their way into the craziness of the day in and day out rituals that we so blindly exist in and, if for just a moment, remind us of who we really are.



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