What is MAD Hippies? The short answer, the raw and unfiltered life adventures of two soul mates who met in high school and never looked back. The long answer, and just what are we “MAD” about? Each other! Quite frankly the term MAD has been with us for a very long time, 30 plus years and counting to be exact. Back in the day when we were teenagers walking through a mall we saw a t-shirt booth where you could have a custom shirt made in minutes. Click, the light went on and off we went to have two shirts made that simply said “We’re MAD” on them. That, having several meanings, with the most notable being our names, Miller and Debbie. Simple enough, right? From there it just grew on us and people would ask, what are you mad about? We would just simply smile and reply “each other” and be on our way. Years later that still holds true, though it seems to have evolved into so much more…

We married [unregretfully] young and have spent the last 30ish years living life as parents, best friends and now grandparents. Life is indeed grand, each day a new adventure ready to be taken hold of and explored for all it’s worth.  We have many shared passions, one of which throughout the years has grown into a deep appreciation for the wilderness. We are always looking to share our experiences and adventures in the Colorado high country and how each step changes our lives. Indeed, our outings are more than just hikes, the natural energies that we surround ourselves with provoke much conversation and thought. Up until several years ago most of our adventures were only day hiking trips for reasons beyond our control. We are now in an interesting place of being empty-nesters and have taken it upon ourselves to hike at least once a week [all year] come rain, snow or shine. That being said, mid-life has challenged us to set out with higher goals, we are looking forward to long distance thru and loop hikes with a vision of eventually completing the Colorado Trail, Continental Divide Trail and the Pacific Crest Trail in segments or as a whole.

MAD Hippies in the simplest of terms is two free spirited souls who have woven their lives together in this life and the next. Our daily lives, as we envision it, are opportunities to grow, experience and enjoy life in all its fullness. We’ve taken on many aspects of a healthy holistic lifestyle and awake each day to explore those avenues including infusing a fulfilling vegetarian diet, mind, body and soul exercises and challenging ourselves to consider historical, current and perhaps future sociological patterns on the accepted interpretation of what success truly means. Each day we are given in this life is an opportunity to live, why not explore that to the end of time and find out what life really is and what we are to gain from it! Enjoy the ride, we have and will continue to do so daily. We hope you will, at the very least, find MAD Hippies entertaining and walk away with a little more happiness than when you first arrived. Get out and hike and set your soul free from the rigid chaos!

As the Wilderness act of 1964 so aptly states in its definition of wilderness […an area of undeveloped Federal land retaining its primeval character and influence…] we enter into each day with an opportunity to regenerate our own spiritual and primeval selves in a positive way.


MAD [Miller & Debbie]