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Backpacking, Camping, Hiking, ColoradoMAD Hippies Life YouTube Channel: Not sure what a trail looks like? Curious what you’re getting yourself into? Or do you just like to watch a couple of MAD Hippies hike in the Colorado high country while listening to some great classic tunes? View footage from some of our favorite outings in Colorado!


Recommended Outdoor Gear:Outdoor Colorado, Recommended Outdoor Gear, The Great Outdoors Hiking, backpacking and camping is a year round adventure. Summer, winter, spring and fall, there are endless adventures to be had from the coast to the high peaks. Having the proper gear can make or break not only a safe outing, but being comfortable throughout the duration. Heading out into the backcountry is an amazing experience.


Outdoor Colorado, Trail prep, The Great Outdoors, Trail resources, Hiking ResourcesHiking Preparation Resources: Choosing the right resource that you can trust to provide accurate information is important in not only making safe passage, but educating you to trail and weather conditions amid personal hands on trip reports. Educate and know before you go! Here is a list of such resources we use at MAD Hippies Life before heading out in to the Colorado backcountry.


Backpacking Checklist, Backpacking Gear ListBackpacking Checklist: Choosing the right gear will not only provide proper protection, but comfort and an enjoyable outing. Become familiar with your gear and how to use it BEFORE hitting the trail. Always be prepared for the unknown, wildlife, weather changes, forest fires, lack of water, injuries etc. You never know when a day hike could become an overnight hike or worse yet, a survival situation.


Rogers PassFind a Hiking Trail: Backpacking, hiking and camping is a year round adventure, there are endless adventures to be had from the coast to the high peaks. Here are some great hiking trail resources to help you find your next adventure. See you on the trail! Hiking trails are everywhere, exploring them and experiencing the raw and untamed land is an invitation to invigorate the heart, mind and soul.


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Outdoor Colorado, The Great Outdoors, Day Hiking in Colorado, Hiking BlogDay Hiking Blog: Our adventures in the Colorado Rockies. From the foothills to the high peaks, summiting a 14er to lazy hikes in the woods, we love the outdoors. We often find that spending time in the wilderness relaxes the mind, invigorates the soul and strengthens the heart. Here are some of our experiences from the great outdoors.


Outdoor Colorado, Backpacking, The Great Outdoors, Backpacking in Colorado, Backpacking BlogBackpacking & Camping Blog: There are times and places that a short day hike just will not do. Either you find yourself never wanting to leave, or the distance is just too overwhelming for one day. Camping and multi-day backpacking adventures allow for more time, they allow for more exposure and they provide for timeless experiences. Here are some of our multi-day outings.


MSR Lightning Ascent, Snowshoeing Colorado, MAD Hippies Life, The Great Outdoors, Outdoor Colorado, Snowshoeing BlogSnowshoeing Blog: Winter hiking brings with it new challenges, snow and ice. But don’t let that detour you, the same trail you hike in the summer is a completely different experience in the winter. The beauty of fresh powder and snow-capped mountains is usually reserved for postcards. why not explore that for yourself and make the adventure yours. Here are some of ours.