“Capturing Life One Experience at a Time”


Portrait Photography, Family Photography, Baby Photography, Child Photography, Memories, KeepsakesPortrait Photography: The faces of the people in our lives tell the stories of their impact on each one of us. The memory of any age, to recount the days of youth to the wisdom of our later years, portraits not only retain what the eye can see, but the many memories we hold inside us throughout our days. Having a pictorial account for future generations is priceless.


Landscape Photography, Outdoor Photography, Hiking PhotographyLandscape Photography: The natural world around us, far beyond the city streets, has amazing beauty. Be it summer, spring, winter or fall, the beauty of the raw and untamed lands untouched by human advancement holds experiences for the human imagination far and away from the concrete jungle. Step out into nature and feel the stress of life fall away.


Animal Photography, Wildlife Photography, Pet PhotographyAnimal Photography: Wildlife, and perhaps the not so wild life of our domesticated pets, brings a whole new world of amazing life to us. Animals have character, personalities and emotions just as we do. Beauty is not only the physical, the animal kingdom, like humans, have deep feelings. From playful glee to fear and trauma, they live out their lives along side us in their own ways. Look into their eyes!


Urban Photography, Cityscape, Street ArtUrban Photography: It is a crazy world out there! Our daily grind, going through the motions of life we tend not to notice the artistic value that surrounds us. You don’t have to go to a museum to see art, as art is all around us, from big city architecture, to the patterns that evolve in urban sprawl, there is always something interesting to see and contemplate.


Macro PhotographyMacro Photography: Life can seem like you are on the fast track. We all get so busy juggling our responsibilities that it can be difficult to slow down every once in a while to smell the roses, listen to the music and just take time to look at the details. Looking closer can reveal a whole new world we never knew was even there.


People, Places, Event PhotographyEvent Photography: Life is full of events, albeit a birth, wedding, party, celebration, family gathering, anniversary, birthday or that need to get out of the city and go for a hike with friends. Capturing those moments for keepsakes, sharing those memories with friends and family or just as a way to remember good times is a one time shot. Get them while you can.