Know the Rest of the Story

Know the Rest of the Story

Know the Rest of the StoryPeople don’t bother to know the rest of the story. They don’t care about the details. The impact. The loss. The pain. The very reason why we are who we are. The reason we find ourselves in the places we are in and how we got there.

When we were young, much younger, teenagers at that, we often would sit together on the weekend and listen to Paul Harvey. Most kids at the time were still asleep, and, for all practical purposes, would not have bothered to sit in the quiet of the early morning, hands knotted together, leg over leg, to listen to Paul Harvey and just be together in the moment.

What a wonderful time it was. Not ever wanting to be apart, ever. We were content to just be together, there needn’t be an activity nor an event. We were happy just sitting there listening to a radio show about real stories, about life, about substance, about waiting for that one line, “and now you know the rest of the story, good day.”

That memory we both cherish so much has resonated with us throughout our marriage. We were both so young, so damaged, and yet together, we were free. We both brought our own baggage to the table and accepted each other openly. Everyone has a story, and those stories need to be heard.

Are you looking at the outward appearance of a man? If so, what do you see?

Are you looking at him with your eyes, your mind or your soul? Are you looking at him with your criticism, your arrogance, your religion and your ignorance?

Have you bothered to know him? Do you care about his story? Do you know where he came from and how he got there? Is he just filth attracting flies in your manicured life?

What would it be to you to reach out your hand and let him know you’re both human? Are you him in someone else’s eyes?

Is your G-d you?

Who grants authority? Who has the right of empowerment over men to enslave them in their own thinking?

This is nothing short of the marrow of man’s spiritual self, not religious self, spiritual self. What is real in a world full of illusion?

People don’t bother to know the rest of the story. They don’t care about the details. The impact. The loss. The pain. The very reason why we are who we are. The reason we find ourselves in the places we are in and how we got there.

How do you want to be treated? How do you want to be seen? We’re all involved in this thing called life, it is the fabric of time and energy. It is the essence of each soul. It is the emotional soup that we float in each day as we strive to open our minds to what was, what is and what will be.

Know the rest of the story and you will not only discover the reality of someone else’s life, but your own.



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The Majority Rules

The Majority Rules

The Majority RulesThe rule of thumb seems to have always been the majority rules. History can speak for itself, the majority is not always the side to be on! We’re not at odds with society, they can do whatever the hell they want, we’re at odds with ourselves for living in it for so long.

We’re just trying to be honest with ourselves in the face of the so called “normative” society.

Let’s just start by putting a warning label on this post. It’s raw, off the cuff and quite honestly, real. Intended to be frank, use language and not follow whatever the supposed proper etiquette is, we don’t want to dress this up in fear of losing the true emotion that [to us] realistically portrays the true essence of the content.

So pull up a chair and enjoy the real us and the thoughts that dominate our minds on any given day.

We hate to come across as bitching or ranting as we hate drama to the nth degree. Our passion is quiet, mellow and tranquil. Probably the reason we love hiking in the mountains so much. Though you might find it disturbing to know [hell we find it disturbing] that the following is a brief glimpse inside our heads and of the never-ending thoughts that plague us as we witness life together unfolding all around us.

Indeed, we find the human experience can unfortunately be cold, cruel and demanding as it taxes every resource of our being to not go to the zoo on any given day. Why you ask? Good question. But before you call the funny farm to come pick us up, at least hear our claim.

We know that all people are good, they don’t always act as such, but indeed we have faith that somehow, someway, indeed all people are good. To that we would also add that all people know to do good, or at the very least they do know the difference between good and bad. Simply put, does a liar want to be lied to? Does a thief want to be stolen from? Does a murderer want to be killed? No.

So then, for the love of humanity, why do we find ourselves spewing thoughts like, “seriously, people are as much idiots as they are assholes?” That was a statement that was thrown out in conversation this morning, and that was after the morning ritual coffee intake.

In our defense, that statement was in response to the people who made hurtful comments toward women who are petite, skinny or just small all around in their build, not because they’re vain but because that’s the way they are made, the way they were brought into this world. We’d go into a deep rant about that topic, but fortunately someone already has, and did so wonderfully [This One’s for My Skinny Sisters]. And if that isn’t enough to convince you. try watching the news, there are plenty of individuals being reported on that show off their true nature at 5:00 on any given evening!

We’re all different [thank G-d], but unfortunately many aren’t living that way, so to speak.

It’s our honest opinion that only a small percentage of people think outside the box. Though we wish we were wrong about that, and perhaps are, our experiences tell us otherwise as it just seems that it is this way. There are times when we just want to scream “for the love of humanity, get your head out of your ass America” but stupid is as stupid does and it seems that many can’t get past the pill they’ve taken. Can we blame them though? It’s a real tricky line to walk.

Most just want to get by, like us, and be left alone in their own small world. They want what they want and live in that. The problem is, do they really want what they want? When it comes to the majority rules, memes can be a heavy sociological weapon in society, driving the economy, politics, hell even religion for that matter. Just a bunch of freaking lemmings following each other around trying to fit in and rise to the top of their class. We digress.

Just be yourself for goodness sake, enough of this proper etiquette bullshit we’ve been indoctrinated with from the onset of public education. Throw-up that damn pill, stand on your own two feet and become a people of creative, intelligent and critical thought!

Honestly, it appears most people have become idiots in the so called age of information all for not being themselves. It seems they’re afraid of what others will think of them if they step outside of the so called notion of what is proper. Sadly, everyone is doing it and following each other around. Whatever becomes the latest and greatest becomes the new norm. Nobody wants to be different [be themselves] because they want to be accepted and they want to be successful. Unfortunately they miss the boat and fail miserably. Success as a human is not monetary, it’s not power and it’s certainly not the American dream [whatever that is].

Success as a human is rising above “all that” and becoming a person that can make a difference, a real difference in the human experience.

For the Love of Humanity, it’s not religion, it’s not politics, it’s not how much money you make…it’s just being a good person, sensitive to the needs of others and supporting them in their journey. The majority rules is not always the way to go…



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Who Do You Think I Am?

MAD Hippies Life Sunrise Mount Evans ColoradoWho am I? Or, more notably, who am I to you? A loaded question no matter how you turn it! Seems we spend our entire lives in transition developing ourselves into the beings we perceivably want to be all the while retaining the right to make changes at any given time. When do those changes [real and personal] take place, generally out of intense situations. The following is exactly that… real, intense and personal. Are we still in transition, you bet, and most likely will always be. The next time you think you know someone, or feel like judging them or just want to make a quick assessment of why someone is the way they are, you might want to stop and think, we all have our own personal hell we’re either going through or have been through.

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Campground Ethics


Camping in busy and crowded campgrounds is an activity we’d rather not endure, though there are times when it becomes a necessary alternative. While many are pleasant even in their heavy use seasons, there are some that would be better left to the unethical and inexperienced once a summer weekend campers. Even trails can become overcrowded in peak seasons, leaving those seeking peace and quiet wondering if they should have stayed at home if everyone is now on the trail!

A recent outing we went on to what should have been, or better said, what we hoped would be, a much needed relaxing and uneventful outdoor excursion felt more like a trip to a park in the middle of a city. Let’s just stop and think about this, why do any of us seek to spend time in the outdoors far removed from city life? Quiet? Nature? Hello? Bueller? Needless to say none of those things existed, bummer. In replacement we endured camp gatherings all around that brought with them all their typical inner city entertainment, yeah, they were all plugged in and sharing with the rest of us. If that weren’t enough, the complete and utter disrespect for personal space seemed to be nonexistent. People parking just about any old place they could find to stow their vehicles and walking through other campsites to get where they were going, ultimately the party! Wow, in all our years this one has got to top the list of bad camp ethics.

Is this a blog or a rant? Let’s just call it venting and hopefully it will fall on the right ears, that being the one’s who seem to think the above behavior is appropriate. If it’s a party you want, electronic entertainment or your basic shindig in central park, please, for the love of mankind and his sanity, stay in the city and let those of us who are looking for a serene wilderness experience find it in the unplugged and quiet setting of nature. Just saying 🙂