Snowshoeing in Paradise

 MAD Hippies Life Snowshoeing Rocky Mountain National ParkOur recent trip to Rocky Mountain National Park was nothing short of incredible.

It doesn’t matter how many times we head off on a trail in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, we’re still going to be amazed at the landscape. Winter vs Summer, much less Spring or Fall, there is excitement and energy that is unique within the current season that cannot be replicated in another. We’ve found that the same trail can hold a plethora of observations that are unique to that day alone. The trails are always changing as nature itself is in constant transition.

MAD Hippies Life Snowshoeing Rocky Mountain National Park

Granted snowshoeing is done in a more, how should we say, “brisk” setting, with the necessary precautions and proper gear the outing can not only be successful, but very enjoyable. Lots of people think winter is not the time they want to head off into the mountains to go for a hike, but we’ll tell you different. Indeed, because of this there are less people on the trail making for a more intimate experience. Whereas summer can bring a crowd because of the preferred weather conditions.

MAD Hippies Life Snowshoeing Rocky Mountain National Park

In between storms is our favorite time to head out. There just seems to be a calm about nature during these times, perhaps as a way of preparing and recovering at the same time. Who knows. It just has an energy about it where the air is still, the silence is magical and nature watches you and puts on a show inviting you to explore further eyes wide open. With your mind ablaze with curiosity of the next bend in the trail, each new revelation just leaves you stunned at your surroundings. Times like these calm the soul and rejuvenate your sense of being alive.

Peace 🙂


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