The Majority Rules

The Majority Rules

The Majority RulesThe rule of thumb seems to have always been the majority rules. History can speak for itself, the majority is not always the side to be on! We’re not at odds with society, they can do whatever the hell they want, we’re at odds with ourselves for living in it for so long.

We’re just trying to be honest with ourselves in the face of the so called “normative” society.

Let’s just start by putting a warning label on this post. It’s raw, off the cuff and quite honestly, real. Intended to be frank, use language and not follow whatever the supposed proper etiquette is, we don’t want to dress this up in fear of losing the true emotion that [to us] realistically portrays the true essence of the content.

So pull up a chair and enjoy the real us and the thoughts that dominate our minds on any given day.

We hate to come across as bitching or ranting as we hate drama to the nth degree. Our passion is quiet, mellow and tranquil. Probably the reason we love hiking in the mountains so much. Though you might find it disturbing to know [hell we find it disturbing] that the following is a brief glimpse inside our heads and of the never-ending thoughts that plague us as we witness life together unfolding all around us.

Indeed, we find the human experience can unfortunately be cold, cruel and demanding as it taxes every resource of our being to not go to the zoo on any given day. Why you ask? Good question. But before you call the funny farm to come pick us up, at least hear our claim.

We know that all people are good, they don’t always act as such, but indeed we have faith that somehow, someway, indeed all people are good. To that we would also add that all people know to do good, or at the very least they do know the difference between good and bad. Simply put, does a liar want to be lied to? Does a thief want to be stolen from? Does a murderer want to be killed? No.

So then, for the love of humanity, why do we find ourselves spewing thoughts like, “seriously, people are as much idiots as they are assholes?” That was a statement that was thrown out in conversation this morning, and that was after the morning ritual coffee intake.

In our defense, that statement was in response to the people who made hurtful comments toward women who are petite, skinny or just small all around in their build, not because they’re vain but because that’s the way they are made, the way they were brought into this world. We’d go into a deep rant about that topic, but fortunately someone already has, and did so wonderfully [This One’s for My Skinny Sisters]. And if that isn’t enough to convince you. try watching the news, there are plenty of individuals being reported on that show off their true nature at 5:00 on any given evening!

We’re all different [thank G-d], but unfortunately many aren’t living that way, so to speak.

It’s our honest opinion that only a small percentage of people think outside the box. Though we wish we were wrong about that, and perhaps are, our experiences tell us otherwise as it just seems that it is this way. There are times when we just want to scream “for the love of humanity, get your head out of your ass America” but stupid is as stupid does and it seems that many can’t get past the pill they’ve taken. Can we blame them though? It’s a real tricky line to walk.

Most just want to get by, like us, and be left alone in their own small world. They want what they want and live in that. The problem is, do they really want what they want? When it comes to the majority rules, memes can be a heavy sociological weapon in society, driving the economy, politics, hell even religion for that matter. Just a bunch of freaking lemmings following each other around trying to fit in and rise to the top of their class. We digress.

Just be yourself for goodness sake, enough of this proper etiquette bullshit we’ve been indoctrinated with from the onset of public education. Throw-up that damn pill, stand on your own two feet and become a people of creative, intelligent and critical thought!

Honestly, it appears most people have become idiots in the so called age of information all for not being themselves. It seems they’re afraid of what others will think of them if they step outside of the so called notion of what is proper. Sadly, everyone is doing it and following each other around. Whatever becomes the latest and greatest becomes the new norm. Nobody wants to be different [be themselves] because they want to be accepted and they want to be successful. Unfortunately they miss the boat and fail miserably. Success as a human is not monetary, it’s not power and it’s certainly not the American dream [whatever that is].

Success as a human is rising above “all that” and becoming a person that can make a difference, a real difference in the human experience.

For the Love of Humanity, it’s not religion, it’s not politics, it’s not how much money you make…it’s just being a good person, sensitive to the needs of others and supporting them in their journey. The majority rules is not always the way to go…



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Why Do Men Want Man Caves?

 MAD Hippies Life Man Cave Demver ColoradoI’ll just get right to the point, why the hell would I want a man cave?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but from what I’ve been able to ascertain the current social meme of a man cave is that it’s a place for men and their buddies to get away from their wives, girlfriends, significant others, etc… and do men things.

I guess I missed the memo on this so called masculine, and somewhat neanderthalic behavior, where men disappear into their “men only” domains and play poker, entertain crude jokes, talk about [other] women, watch football or god knows what other anti-women activities, hence the name “man” cave.

Simply put, I just don’t get it.

I married my best friend in high school and have enjoyed her company ever since. I have never felt the need, or lacking for that matter, to have a men only zone. We enjoy all activities together not because we have to, but because we want to.

It’s pretty simple, and quite understandable [should be], why would we want to spend our time apart, we like all the same things and enjoy each other’s company? Perhaps I just got lucky, in the simplest of terms, my wife just happens to be my best friend. I guess it’s just a bonus for me that my wife fits that bill, whereas, perhaps, some have best friends other than their wives or husbands.

Hell, what do I know anyway? To each his own I generally say, and agree most of the time, but when it comes to marriage, when we separate out our time with our spouses I have to wonder if the phrase “United We Stand, Divided We Fall” rings true? I don’t need time away, I don’t need guys night out [or in] and I sure don’t need to seek good times outside of the genuinely exciting and amazing marriage I have with my best friend and soul mate.


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Let Creativity Reign

Birds of a Feather
Birds of a Feather

Birds of a feather flock together…hmmm. Interesting the terms we use on a day in day out basis, but do we ever think about them…challenge them…indeed, are we going to compare ourselves to the animal kingdom? I guess that’s a can of worms, but don’t say that with a bird around! It all sounds like a meme if you really think about it. Interestingly, the very word [according to Webster] is an idea, behavior, style, or usage that spreads from person to person within a culture. Question is, why? Is what’s good for the goose good for the gander really true, or is it what we want to be true?

OK, enough cliche remarks! What we want to know is where’s individuality in today’s society? Be yourself, and by and far, be honest about being yourself. We seem to be so stricken with “what’s acceptable” that we lose self in the process and strive to be what’s popular. Look around, who is doing their own thing on any given level of the human experience? Most of us are so ingrained with societal norms we probably don’t know any better. We’ve all been infected by this mind numbing generator to some degree, and there’s certainly no place, institution or organization that is not exempt from its grasp. We all do what we believe to be acceptable and right through our own upbringing to the nth degree. Flock together if you must, but please, put on your own colors, listen to your own beat and let creativity reign.



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