Between the Lines

Between the LinesHave you ever just sat back and considered the detail of your life? Have you ever tried to read between the lines? No doubt if you have you’ve seen many coincidences that have made you think about your life all the more.

There’s no secret that we tend to filter everything through the mystical, hence we tend to read between the lines. Though we’re not overtly religious, and would probably be deemed irreligious, there’s more to the story than face value. Yes, there is a G-d. Yes, there is an intelligent design to the cosmos. No, we don’t feel a four-walled organized religion is the way to go [for us].

There are many aspects to all religions that seem to have the fingerprint of a moral compass, and that’s a good thing, they also seem to have man driven ideologies that can equally impact in a negative way. We listen, observe and consider, from a distance. For us it’s the mystical observations found in between the lines.

Of late we have been looking at patterns, physically and spiritually, that would give us further insight into our relationship. Why, you ask? Well, if we had to explain it would come in the notion that we do accept that our relationship is almost too good to be true. Not that we’re complaining. But, it just doesn’t seem to be the norm. Allow us to explain through our observations from a somewhat eclectic approach.

Spirituality, mysticism, astrology, kabbalism and numerology all seem to get a bad rap from the naysayers. Relating them all in the same mind set on the other hand can be quite a mouthful full of complexities that take time to evaluate, understand and even accept. That being said, pull up a chair and be patient.

In Judaism there is a practice of reading through the Torah [Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Deuteronomy and Numbers] each year, the cycle repeating each year thereafter. In a nut shell, each day of the entire year has a corresponding assigned portion to read. As well, the Psalms are also read alongside in like fashion. If one approached this from a rote mentality there would be a likelihood of missing out on a deep spiritual impact.

Here is where we get off the religious wagon and walk down the path less traveled. We have approached this same reading schedule with an interesting question. Is there something between the lines here, something that somehow corresponds to us, say a major life event as the day we were born or were married? We think so. For the purpose of this writing we’ll focus on our marriage.

We were married on March 27, 1984, that being the Gregorian calendar. On the Jewish calendar, Adar ll 23, 5744. It was a waning moon, three days before the new moon. The Torah portion for the day we were married was Par Tazria, or Leviticus 13:18 – 13:23. At first glance this just seems like some Jewish religious practice. And while that is true, there’s more to it. Just reading those  passages alone probably won’t tell you much either, unless you’re into leprosy and how it was dealt with in the Torah. Not a popular topic to say the least.

However, once we begin to read between the lines, a rather interesting pattern begins to emerge that has much more to say than dealing with a disease. Looking at the letters, words and phrases, in the Hebrew alphabet, has enough to chew on for several lifetimes. Hell, the numerology, or gematria, itself is perplexing. To simplify, if that were so, we’ll focus on the “hidden” content.

A bit of history about us. When we first me, even before that, and soon thereafter, we were already questioning everything. We trusted no one. Sure, we were fragile teenagers dealing with our own issues. A relationship is not something we wanted or were looking for. But it happened. It wasn’t long before we figured out we were both in the same boat and that we both felt familiar to each other. We both wanted away from the world and to be left alone. We needed a fresh start from the norm.

Back to the Torah portion. Examining the afflicted person, “The Kohen shall look at it, and behold – the affliction has changed to white, the Kohen shall declare the affliction pure; it is pure.” (Leviticus 13:17). The color white has long been understood as meaning, clean and pure. Even in cultural memes, white is used in many ways to designate something good, holy and undefiled. The idea of becoming pure, clean, moreover, the moment just before becoming pure and clean occurs, is a notion found in between the lines in that this would be the time the Messiah would come, at the climax of the greatest intensity. This would be the unveiling moment when destiny is revealed.

The Talmud (Sanhedrin 97a) describes the Messiah as coming only after the governments of the world become totally heretical, come to a climax. Again in the Talmud (Sanhedrin 98a), it speaks of the generation when the Messiah will come, “a totally deserving, or totally guilty” generation. A generation at its climax.

Our point being, we were at a climax in our lives. The intrigue is that the Torah portion is associated with the day of our marriage when we were at the apex of change and went a whole new direction in our lives with the energy of change, the same energy the Torah speaks of. Thirty-four (at the time of this writing) years later we are still moving forward in that energy, still connected to each other, if not more, than ever before. There is something to be said about destiny, connectivity and the energy that binds it together. Understanding such evidence is not necessarily vital, but sure does help us understand just what our lives are about and how our unique relationship has had an impact on us.

If that were not enough, interestingly, on the day of both of our births the Torah portions for those days also describe new beginnings, receptively fitting to both our own personalities at that. Debbie being the role of sacrifice, offering and teaching future generations (Leviticus 1:1-13). Mine being yet another beginning, another apex if you will, where man was moved from the Garden of Eden to work the soil of the earth as he strives forward to go back, knowing both good and evil (Genesis 3:22-4:18).  Coincidence? The references don’t end here, are certainly not tied only to religious content and have become overwhelmingly too numerous to put in this one writing.

Are you curious about the patterns in your own life? Start researching and be amazed! Need help? Drop us a line and we’ll try to share some resources with you.



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The Next Generation, a Blast From the Past and a Castle in the Sky


[Crest House at the Summit of Mt Evans in Colorado]

Ever had one of those weeks where you just can’t get a breath in, where you feel spread thin. Indeed, we just had one. But you know, interestingly enough on the backside it’s all good. Sure we were caught in a whirlwind of activity, going here and there, doing this and that from left to right and engaging with people, places and events we’ve been wanting to make happen. Crazy part is, we didn’t see it happening all at once! Alas, now that it’s over and done, there seems to be a pleasant calm settling in relieving us of the constant go go go mentality and leaving in the wake of its path fun memories of another eventful week in our lives that not only produced the next generation, but a blast form the past and a castle in the sky. Just more pieces of a puzzle, so to speak, that are mere evidence that once again we understand a little bit more about ourselves and this incredible journey called life. Curious question this time around was why did it all happen at the same time? it all came together, unrelated events, at the same time and melded together as if to say it was all meant to be and you wouldn’t begin to understand until after the fact.

Perhaps a little more detail is in order. The biggest and most profound event this past week, our daughter gave birth to our first grandchild! We’re a buzz with excitement for sure as the next generation has entered [our] world. While certainly the excitement has been with us for months on end, it seemed to have turned a corner with the first cry, our first glimpse of a sweet face and our first chance to hold and look into the eyes of our grandson. Surrounded by our own emotions, we found ourselves reliving the memories of our own children’s births, flashbacks of days gone by. From early parenthood to grand-parenthood we’re embracing the continuing evolutionary process of a growing family and looking to the future while remembering the past in anticipation of a fulfilling life.

If that weren’t enough, in the midst of our becoming grandparents, we had visits form our past, a seemingly unfolding trend in our lives that continues to surprise us as these random blasts from our past produce reunions and rekindled friendships. Interestingly, this all seems to spark our curiosity of who we are, moreover, who we were and who we’ve become. To be honest, it doesn’t seem that any of us have changed all that much. Sure, we’ve all had a lifetime of experiences that have shaped and molded us in various ways, but that’s inevitable as we all mature and grow in life. But in the end, we seem to be the same as we always were, perhaps a bit more guarded in our ways, but by and far, if we are honest with ourselves, pretty much the same people we’ve always been. Sure, we all go through phases, we try new things, we throw things out, hell we’re constantly growing in some form or fashion, but strangely, years later, it’s still the same us as it’s always been, guess we just need to step outside of ourselves every now and again and see through someone else’s eyes…someone who knew us back in the day and has since come back into our lives.

Thirdly, this week we found a castle in the sky! Sounds intriguing, yes? Indeed it was. With all the goings on we never had much time to do what we love, get out and explore. Though to some degree we explored all week, saying that in an abstract way, as exploration also comes from within. After all was said and done, we finally found some time for ourselves and set out on an adventure we’ve been wanting to do for quite some time. Driving to the summit of a 14,000′ mountain peak in the Colorado High Country. Yep, it’s possible! The highest paved road in America just happens to be in our backyard ascending ever so slowly to the summit of Mt Evans. What a rush and thrill it was! And while many focus on the amazing views [and they are!] there is another story here that most will never know, at the summit there is a castle in the sky. But this is no mere building, it’s evidence of love, life and indeed, in some strange way, a monument to that hidden gem in life that only two deeply in love people can share together. At the top, standing to the side, almost as an afterthought, and most definitely in the shadow of why anyone would make this trek to begin with [Mt Evans] is a building that lay in ruins, only the walls left, of something special that began years ago. The Crest House was the vision of a carpenter and German immigrant named Justus “Gus” Roehling who envisioned building “A castle in the sky” for his wife Edith. Needless to say, a dream come true. You can imagine the harsh environment they endured while erecting it, but love has no boundaries in our book, and the castle in the sky became a reality in 1941. Unfortunately in the late 1970s an accident left it in ruins where only the walls remain today. The Forest Service maintains it now as an observation point to Mt Evans and the surrounding high alpine environment on which it sits. Looking through the windows and touching the walls one can get a sense of the energy that still remains of days gone by.

Why bother you with the boring details of our life and the events of this past week? Good question, if you endured to this point we’ll tell you. There’s much in the details of everyday life if we take the time to notice, to listen and to explore the messages that our own events and energy give us [when] we pay attention. Not an easy task mind you, especially in the midst of all the goings on, but they’re there, forming patterns and setting the stage for a “wow” moment if we pull to the side and allow the realization to sink in. How could three seemingly unrelated events in the same week relate to each other?  Certain point of intrigue that somehow did begin to unfold giving us signs that something was brewing, something was in the air and something for some reason wanted our attention. Hopefully we’re not lulling you to sleep, life’s stories are amazing to us, this one in particular [go figure] as indeed we all have our own personal stories that are telling us something and they’re all worth hearing.

So what’s the deal here? A little history might help. We lived in Seattle for many years, at which point our daughters were born. Our youngest who just turned us into grandparents was having strange dreams the night she went into labor. Dreams of tribal sounding music and wondering why the band kept playing the music that make her go into labor. Well, interestingly enough, this band just happens to be friends of ours from back in our school days growing up in the south [Texas]. They have just finished a tour, and oddly enough the night our daughter was dreaming and went into labor, they were performing in Seattle during this time. Hmmm, interesting, no? Energy has a way of unlocking itself from a distance and opening the gateway to new things we like to say. So here you have it, in a nutshell, rekindled friendship, completely oblivious to the energy they produced while our daughter was going into labor. Our friends toured through Denver after the birth of our grandson and it certainly made for fun conversation when we found time to sit back and get reacquainted. So what’s a castle in the sky got to do with this? Perhaps symbolism. Our adventure was merely to just get away, to relax and soak up an incredible high alpine experience. But, as it always seems to be, there are other forces working in and around us that we don’t always necessarily have control over. While our outing was spectacular, the Crest House pulled us in. Not even the center of attraction, Mt Evans, had what it took to get our attention this time. Other factors were at work drawing our attention as it were to something otherwise mundane and eventless. An old building in ruins atop a 14,000′ mountain can hardly compare to the environment that dwarfs it. Unless of course, you’re like us, knowing or unknowingly involved in the curiosity of life beyond what the eye sees. Today, a vision of the past brought together the present and proceeded to lend some of its energy to two tired souls who wandered away for a few moments to put things into perspective. We often wonder if walls could talk…on this day they did.

Babies have a funny way of making us look at our own pasts, pasts that involve memories and people who have come and gone, and in some cases returned. And then when you’re not paying attention, it hits you with an unforeseen event or place that jars your curiosity to put it all together and realize that this whole week has been orchestrating itself to unfold in some cosmic life lesson. Who are we, what have we become and where are we headed. Abstract as it sounds, especially with a lifetime of memories and travels, it doesn’t sound like we’ve gone anywhere but here. Here? Our lives together have grown [MADly] together, but the evidence has grown outward. Just as one can see the universe as growing outward, so do we. Indeed we came together in our own cosmic collision some 30ish years ago and have been growing outward ever since. But in the center, here we still are, continuing as ourselves and never really taking the time to realize we’re still the same, still here and still growing in our love, energy and experiences.

Indeed, evidence is seen in our grandchild. Evidence is seen in our friendships. Evidence is seen in other’s monuments to their own lives of love, mystery and intrigue. While it might have taken an excursion to 14,000 feet above sea level, indeed life’s evidences of realness in all of us is everywhere, and yet nowhere. You don’t need to travel to the far reaches of the universe to see it, it’s right there with you, with all of us. Each one of us a continuing saga of life itself. Sure it was a crazy week, we felt like we were overstimulated at times, but honestly it’s all good, it’s all fascinating and it produced further evidence of our lives being alive and growing ever outward. Stories within stories, there’s no end to the depth of how connected it all is. While the next generation made a grand entrance, it was seemingly foreshadowed by energy from the past that opened the door as perhaps a guide to the future. That energy came in the form of a blast from the past, unknowingly tapping into energy and sending it outward in the subconscious. And at the end of it all, a memorial to life itself, to the love we all have generating within us all exploding outward to continue the infinite pattern of life, beyond life and the endless pattern of it all that seemingly goes unnoticed with each passing breath.

Beyond what happened, or even why it happened, the question remains, why now? How did it all come together at this one time and unfold the way it did? In the end, if there truly could be such a thing, we’re loving life and the never ending mystery to our own existence.

Peace! MAD 🙂

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