Spread a Little Light Around

MAD Hippies Menorah - News of the World
MAD Hippies Menorah – News of the World

Funny how the little things in life can become big sometimes. Without knowing it all those little innuendos, gentle reminders and I didn’t see that coming events add up to form a bigger picture.

With all the bad news out there it’s nice to see a ray of hope, even if it comes from out of the blue! And, with all the craziness of the holidays ramping up it can be quite the daunting task to remember peace and love. From our perspective, regardless of religious and personal views, the holidays speak volumes about light!

We love entering a holiday tradition of building a beer menorah that the Shmaltz Brewing Company has released right before Chanukah over the years. Anticipation builds as we wait for the annual gift pack to come to our local liquor store so we can begin the process of partaking in some quality microbrews and getting the holiday season going.

Step 1. Drink all the wonderful craft brews they put in it!

Step 2. Begin the creative process of coming up with a theme for our beer menorah. Drinking the beer helps with that πŸ˜‰

Step 3. Kick back and watch what other people put together and then experience the lights shining.

Vote for us! You can go to here and “Like” our photo in the contest πŸ™‚

This year our menorah surprised us! We had a semi-traditional design in mind to keep it simple. However, there emerged a twist, and after taking a few pictures we began to notice an interesting pattern on the wall behind the menorah created by the candles. After further examination it was clear [to us] ….The robot from the 70’s rock album News of the World by the band Queen was before our eyes.

Now that might sound a little strange, keep in mind people see Jesus depicted on toast and other intriguing apparitions appearing in rather peculiar places, but we were convinced. Perhaps there is something else at work here…and then again perhaps not. Bottom line, it’s all in good fun, it’s bringing us a little cheer [and hopefully others] and that’s what it’s all about.

If you really wanted to look deeper into it, the album News of the World was indeed intense and yet beautifully mastered in its own right. Songs like “We are the Champions” do much to give us hope in trying times. Keep it real, keep it simple and spread a little light around this year and make the “news of the world” a bit more positive and influential πŸ™‚

Have a Wonderful Holiday Season Filled With Light, Peace and Joy



Let Creativity Reign

Birds of a Feather
Birds of a Feather

Birds of a feather flock together…hmmm. Interesting the terms we use on a day in day out basis, but do we ever think about them…challenge them…indeed, are we going to compare ourselves to the animal kingdom? I guess that’s a can of worms, but don’t say that with a bird around! It all sounds like a meme if you really think about it. Interestingly, the very word [according to Webster] isΒ an idea, behavior, style, or usage that spreads from person to person within a culture. Question is, why? Is what’s good for the goose good for the gander really true, or is it what we want to be true?

OK, enough cliche remarks! What we want to know is where’s individuality in today’s society? Be yourself, and by and far, be honest about being yourself. We seem to be so stricken with “what’s acceptable” that we lose self in the process and strive to be what’s popular. Look around, who is doing their own thing on any given level of the human experience? Most of us are so ingrained with societal norms we probably don’t know any better. We’ve all been infected by this mind numbing generator to some degree, and there’s certainly no place, institution or organization that is not exempt from its grasp. We all do what we believe to be acceptable and right through our own upbringing to the nth degree. Flock together if you must, but please, put on your own colors, listen to your own beat and let creativity reign.



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