The Most Powerful Weapon

The Most Powerful Weapon
Photo: MAD Hippies Life – Street Art: David Choe

What is the most powerful weapon known to humanity, the mind of man. For it is his mind that creates, devises and unleashes the nightmares we have endured throughout the ages.

We stand on crowded trains looking around at everyone, judging them the best we can with what we think we know and leave knowing less. Did we even bother to ask, to understand, to even care that they, too, live in their own hell? We’re so consumed with knowing [about] everyone else we forget who we are, we forget to become ourselves. The question begs to be asked, what is the most powerful weapon known to humanity?

Try as we may, no one will ever know the secret world that lives on within each man, woman and child. We share, we expound and we allow ourselves to be known as we so choose. Doubtful though, anyone will ever really know the entirety of an individual’s life, the intricate details of their experiences. Much less how they were affected by others, and to the extent that others would even consider their own impact on someone else.

How deep do we go? What depth of life do we strive for? To what end do we allow ourselves the freedom to live within? What outer influences hold us at bay? Are we a shipwreck to the rest of the world, all the while a succession of creative thought to ourselves? Or, to the contrary, a shipwreck on the inside all the while an upright citizen to the masses?

Who really knows us? Who would really want to? Do we know ourselves? To what end are we under the scope of those wanting to know us, using as it were, patterns of human behavior to assume our reactions to any given situation? Who of us would know the difference? How deep do we allow ourselves to be?

Are we programmed from birth? Are we programmed in our learning institutions? Are we allowed freedom of thought? Do we have such? Labeled as rebellious we defend our desire to question, while others succumb, accept and live out what they are told. Choose freedom of speech or contend to be silenced by those who disagree.

Just what are we? Physical, spiritual, a dream? Do we even exist at all? Is everything on the outside of our mind an illusion? Where in time, where in the cosmos, where in the fabric of our existence are we? How have we evolved into the here and now? To what end will we go forward knowing we are killing ourselves, physically, spiritually and emotionally? Are we at liberty to question G-d?

Are we content with our knowledge? Are we accepting of what we think we know? Is our understanding biased by memes? Do we know anything at all? Do we judge another without ever knowing them… how could we ever really know them at all? Are we just judging what we’ve been allowed to know?

Trust is lost, empathy abandoned, relationships disintegrated…humanity replaced by generic memes driving economic growth. Religion and Politics have replaced G-d while philosophy and art are manipulated to be weapons to drive man into a self-induced lobotomy. Nothing is original except the weapon used to manipulate man. The original sin of man is his inability to own his own mind.

What is the most powerful weapon known to humanity, the mind of man. For it is his mind that creates, devises and unleashes the nightmares we have endured throughout the ages. Equally so, man creates good. Knowing what is good and what is evil is an age old question, a personal dilemma with global ramifications.



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Love and Trust

Love and Trust

Love and Trust

I am incapable of loving or trusting someone whose memories are not my own.

There’s a lot in that statement, perhaps more than one would care to ponder. Needless to say, it raw, it’s real and quite frankly, honest.

My head is full of conspiracy theories and my confidence in the human race is almost nonexistent. I trust few and love even less. Love and trust do not come easy, if at all, and are only come by over time through constant interaction and shared experiences, good, bad or indifferent.

When I do love, I love hard.

My trust in someone is always on trial as my mind is in constant surveillance looking to protect my heart. Though I don’t need to love, much less trust, when I do, it’s forever.

My love and trust are hauntingly curious, always in perpetual need of being in the presence of those it’s attached to. They seek not necessarily just the mind or heart, but the soul, the compilation of true existence where energy, emotion and spirituality combine in the true essence of being.

To love is one thing, to trust is another, but to love and trust [completely] is an entirely different challenge that few can rise to. A journey of a lifetime perhaps, a moment in time worth capturing and holding onto to no end, a chance meeting that cannot be planned for or imagined, it just is.

I have found but one. And while I sought none, there can be no other, indeed it just is.

Did we set it in motion in another time? Did we choose this life? Did life choose us? An inconsequential point, for where there is a beginning there will be an end, but where there is no beginning, there can be no end. Our love and trust is not of this world, though reunited in it, it bares the notion of endless time, memories only of the present, but love eternal. This too shall be a tale of human endeavor in the hereafter.

My heart, mind and soul collided with itself and we became one. Our strengths complement our weaknesses and make us better together than apart. We were lost, never content with the human experience, yet constantly yearning for the unexplained need of our [then] fragmented souls. Once reunited it was obvious, magical, completely surreal and otherworldly. From then on the emptiness expired and fulfillment was set ablaze with open eyes and the unending future of love, trust and experience together, something never anticipated.

A favorite quote that speaks volumes:

“From every human being there rises a light that reaches straight to heaven, and when two souls that are destined to be together find each other, their streams of light flow together and a single brighter light goes forth from their united being.” – Baal Shem Tov



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