Rising Up and Moving Forward

It seems like forever, but in reality has only been about a year. Funny how time either drags on or flies-by depending on the situation. To that end, 2020 and the beginning of 2021 have been very difficult for us. The ongoing Covid world we exist in, not being able to get out as much as we would have wanted to and the passing of both our mothers has really taken a toll on us.

We are rising up and moving forward. It is very easy to give in and just put everything on the shelf. But, to both of our mother’s honor, we will push through, take deep breaths and keep moving. It is what they would want of us. Our plans for this year are beginning to unfold like a beautiful sunrise spreading its warm glow across the cold land. We look forward to many adventures, even now we have begun a slow return by taking small trips into nature.

We considered many places to spend our backpacking season in 2021, and it became apparent that returning to a beloved favorite would be the answer. If you have been following along with us you would know we are big fans of the Indian Peaks Wilderness. The IPW holds a special place in our hearts and certainly will be a welcome sight as much as a healing opportunity for our deep loss. The anticipation is growing, not necessarily in an adventurous way, though that is somewhat true, but more of a healing meditative walk that is long overdue.

Getting back, physically, will be tough. It has been a while since we really pushed ourselves. There will certainly be some uphill battles in getting ourselves back into shape for hiking in the Colorado wilderness above treeline. The few trips we have already taken proved that! Daily walks, weekend hikes and backpack outings are definitely on the increase as we put in more miles and begin to tackle more mountains. It is a pleasant thought knowing we are going in a positive direction after so many negative experiences over the past year. Time heals. Time in the wilderness is a process that will most assuredly aid in that healing.

To date, we have already been on a few hikes and backpacking trips. Not only for ourselves, but the pups, too. Mia is a trooper and our little Lanie is coming along great as she has never experienced the great outdoors. Seems being active and exploring the Colorado backcountry has been good for all of us, as a family and individually.

Each step forward we honor our mothers and get ourselves back to a good place. Rising up and moving forward is paramount to healthy living – emotionally, spiritually and physically. It is way too easy to just sit down, become lazy and let ourselves go, especially as our age increases. That type of mindset does not compute well with us though. Going forward there will be pain, we will get tired and will sweat a lot, but the results will be life changing for the better. A positive outlook coupled with a return to a focused healthy living plan is not something we can neglect, it is time to get up, move forward and live again.



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