Rising Up and Moving Forward

It is very easy to give in and just put everything on the shelf. But, to both of our mother's honor, we will push through, take deep breaths and keep moving. It is what they would want of us.

Colorado Trail

Life Above Treeline

The morning quiet was deafening. The silence of the alpine void of wind, foliage and wildlife, just two weary travelers making passage across the top of the world. It was late in the day and we were still climbing. Passing from 11,000', 12,000' and on into 13,000' watching the sun slowly sink closer to the … Continue reading Life Above Treeline

Colorado Trail Gear

How We Purchase Our Gear

Doing our homework when purchasing products should indeed involve a responsible and ethical formula. The question thus becomes, what is a good formula for making purchases? When it comes to hiking and backpacking gear there is no shortage of choices. Clothing, backpacks, tents, sleeping bags, quilts, pads, stoves, headlamps, trekking poles, gadgets and an endless … Continue reading How We Purchase Our Gear

Colorado Trail Complete Guide to Hiking

The Complete Colorado Trail Gear Guide

Any hike, be it a thru hike, day hike or multi-day backpacking trip requires specific gear designed for the conditions the adventurer will encounter. From the weather to the trail itself, hiking in the great outdoors tests the capabilities of the explorer mentally and physically. Choosing proper gear for the journey is paramount. Just like … Continue reading The Complete Colorado Trail Gear Guide

Colorado Trail Segment 28

Colorado Trail Segment 28 of 28

We could see the parking lot now, we were almost laughing with excitement as we took our last steps and arrived at the southern terminus. We took off our packs and just deflated, as if on cue, in an emotional end to an incredible journey. Colorado Trail Segment 28 of 28 Start: Kennebec TH End: … Continue reading Colorado Trail Segment 28 of 28

Colorado Trail Segment 27

Colorado Trail Segment 27 of 28

We crossed through treeline and across the open tundra where we were greeted by a spectacular array of mountain peaks and ridgelines. Back in the alpine we were. Colorado Trail Segment 27 of 28 Start: Hotel Draw Road End: Kennebec TH Distance: 20.6 miles It is not the last segment, but 27 felt as if … Continue reading Colorado Trail Segment 27 of 28

Colorado Trail Segment 26

Colorado Trail Segment 26 of 28

Our pace was quick, our focus acute, we were only 53 miles away from the southern terminus of the Colorado Trail. Colorado Trail Segment 26 of 28 Start: Bolam Pass Road End: Hotel Draw Road Distance: 10.9 miles Where segment 26 might be short on mileage, it makes up with big views. Perhaps better put, … Continue reading Colorado Trail Segment 26 of 28

Colorado Trail Segment 25

Colorado Trail Segment 25 of 28

There was a sense of harmony in this place. We needed to pass through it, but didn't want to disturb the energy. Peacefully we made our way across, absorbing it's beauty and leaving no trace of ourselves. Colorado Trail Segment 25 of 28 Start: Molas Pass End: Bolam Pass Road Distance: 20.9 miles After a … Continue reading Colorado Trail Segment 25 of 28

Colorado Trail Segment 24

Colorado Trail Segment 24 of 28

If the avalanche debris we were finding off on the side of the road was any determination to what we were bypassing in Elk Creek, we were assured of our decision to take the detour. Colorado Trail Segment 24 of 28 Start: Stony Pass TH End: Silverton Distance: 10.8 miles Decisions. At the beginning of … Continue reading Colorado Trail Segment 24 of 28

Colorado Trail Segment 23

Colorado Trail Segment 23 of 28

Traveling in the alpine region for this long was a special treat for us that we will cherish for a long time to come. Sunsets, sunrises, extreme views and starlit skies beyond imagination made for great moments and everlasting memories. Colorado Trail Segment 23 of 28 Start: Carson Saddle End: Stony Pass TH Distance: 15.9 … Continue reading Colorado Trail Segment 23 of 28