Walking with the Weather

Walking with the Weather

Walking with the Weather

Most of us take the weather for granted. We go about our lives, day in and day out, living out the normalcies we’ve created in our own personal circles of life. But, let’s face it, walking with the weather takes a bit more work than just seeing the seven day forecast.

Sure, we turn on the TV to watch our favorite weather personalities repeating┬áthe words scrolling on the teleprompter. We listen to the myriad of computer models generating┬ámultiple scenarios for the potential outcomes of the current week. And, as if on cue, the excuses begin before the event unfolds. And while the weather will always be unpredictable, few seem to admit that, unless they’re wrong.

Change the channel, get a different story. Honestly, it seems most weathercasters are just throwing darts hoping they’ll get it right, or at the very least, come close. We’re more humored by the excuses when they don’t than we are by being ill-prepared for inclement weather.

While it seems to be just a normal procedure anymore, allowing the computer to give you the outcome, there are details that get left out. There are human factors that get overlooked and there are certainly anomalies that a machine will never be able to understand that a truly gifted individual understands and is able to dissect, ponder and generate into an educated, [based on experience and insight] forecast.

Walking with the weather is not merely a “deal with it as it comes” event. As avid outdoor enthusiast we rely heavily on a trusted source when it comes to forecasting the weather. Not a seven day generic assumption either. We’re looking for details, hourly details at that, direction of the path of the weather, mountain weather anomalies, potential threats. We need to be prepared for what may, and most likely will, come our way when in the backcountry.

This is where we get off the train that takes you to Pleasantville, where the weather is a teleprompter of potentials for the bus stop. We need education, preparedness and understanding of the weather so we know what to look for before it happens, and so we are prepared for when it does happen.

Most of us take the weather for granted. We go about our lives, day in and day out, living out the normalcies we’ve created in our own personal circles of life. But, let’s face it, walking with the weather takes a bit more work than just seeing the seven day forecast.

So who is our choice in Colorado? Matt Makens and the Weather5280 team. This is no teleprompter for the bus stop, this is well-thought-out, educated meteorology that aims to [sure, give you an accurate forecast] but even more so, educate you to the threats at hand so you can be prepared in whatever scenario you find yourself in while walking with the weather. With this type of forecasting we know what to look for when we’re far from the trailhead and vulnerable. Being prepared is a safety net, being prepared is comfort, being prepared is just smart. Having a team of people keeping you in the know is priceless.



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Lucky Pie – Denver Lodo

Lucky Pie, Lodo, Denver, Pizza, Beer, Love, Outdoor Patio

Lucky Pie, Lodo, Denver, NightlifeSo there you are, sitting in the Mile High City craving the only true comfort food known to mankind that can actually fill the empty void. Add to that a thirst for an ever-expanding market of quality craft beer and you’ll swear your hunger pains are taking control of your faculties.

OK, all fluff aside, stop turning the pages…well…sliding your finger across the screen, if you’re seriously craving good pizza [and more] and a quality craft brew, head on over to Lucky Pie Lodo and suffice that craving. With a menu to meet anyone’s needs, and enough taps to calm those frazzled nerves, you’ll wonder why you never walked in the doors before.

Luck Pie, Lodo, Denver, Fresh Ingrediants

Think fresh, not yesterday, not frozen, but fresh, as in someone woke up way before you did and began the daunting task of putting together all the ingredients needed to blow your taste buds away well before the timer on your automatic coffee maker informed you that you’re only minutes away from a conscious state.

We have to admit, this was not our first trip to Lucky Pie, in fact we’d been to their Lodo location on more than one occasion. All the more reason to tap out a few good words, as once again, we found ourselves in a state of pizza nirvana! We’re partial to the Cheech, a Neapolitan-style pie made with San Marzano tomato sauce, smoked mozzarella and oregano. Don’t skimp on the red pepper flakes, and by all means, when your server asks if you would like fresh Parmesan sprinkled on top, say yes! The crust will have you smiling rather than talking [it’s not polite to talk with food in your mouth].

Lucky Pie, Lodo, Denver, Pizza, Craft Beer

While you sit in anticipation of your order, the appetizers will grant you the knowledge that whatever is to come is made with the same quality. Don’t mind the confusion of the beer and wine menu [too many great choices], just go with your gut! After all is said and done, there’s also a dessert menu that will be, pardon the pun, the icing on the cake! If you’re not sure what to do, ask! Our server, Matty, was nothing short of professional, friendly and helpful! While we already knew what we wanted, she made sure our visit was as fulfilling, if not more, than our previous visits. There’s something to be said about people who not only know the menu, but are able to know the customers needs and guide them through the entire process of, not only an enjoyable experience, but damn good food.


MAD ­čÖé

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Avery Brewing Company

Avery Brewing Company

Avery Brewing CompanyIn the microbrewery world quality is king.

Avery Brewing Company of Boulder, CO was founded in 1993 and has made the claim of being a “family-owned craft brewery committed to producing eccentric ales and lagers that defy styles or categories”. Indeed they have done just that. We have sampled many different offerings from Avery and have yet to entertain a brew we didn’t like. From far left to far right, or better yet, from the lighter side all the way [and perhaps beyond] the far dark side, these microbrews and craft beers will please the palate and have you coming back for more. We love their ability to experiment and try new combinations of flavors.

And if that weren’t enough for you, Avery has gone and created an oasis in Boulder for the craft beer lover. Their new facility is top notch and appears to have the same ingredients as their beers in that quality is king. We spent some time exploring, speaking with staff and enjoying a few of our favorite brews along side some amazing food while there. With a restaurant upstairs and an indoor / outdoor patio downstairs to boot, there’s certainly a place for everyone here as the food and drink options are available at both.

We began with a visit upstairs to their fabulous restaurant that has a surprisingly great menu. Our server, Matt B., was friendly and more than knowledgeable, eagerly fielding our questions. Being from the Gulf States we found it quite welcoming to know that the chef studied in Gulfport, MS and wanted to bring southern style food with a Boulder twist to the menu, and did so wonderfully! And, as an added bonus, there are the vegetarian options, hence the Boulder twist! Great food to go with great beer is what we came for and received.

Speaking of beer, yeah Avery fans, it’s all here! There are 30 taps of your favorite Avery brew and an excellent friendly and knowledgeable staff to help guide you through the experience all in a great atmosphere. After you eat / drink you can take a tour or just go for a self-guided curious walk through the brewery.

Avery Brewing Company is now located at 4910 Nautilus Ct in Boulder, CO. Their tap room and restaurant are open 11am-11pm Daily.



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