Colorado Trail Segment 1

Colorado Trail Segment 1 of 28

We were tired, it was steamy hot after the storms and the thought of continuing on felt daunting. Camp was set up and we called it a day. Colorado Trail Segment 1 of 28 Start: Indian Creek TH (alternate) End: South Platte River TH Distance: 13.3 Miles We did it! We completed our journey across … Continue reading Colorado Trail Segment 1 of 28

Why do people hike the Colorado Trail

Colorado Trail – 6 Months To Go

"Trail life is full of oohs and awes, but they are also filled with sighs, four letter words and pain" January 2019, 6 months till the Colorado Trail Many adventures begin with vision, albeit a personal challenge, a quest for spiritual awakening, a test of physical endurance or just a plain desire to explore uncharted … Continue reading Colorado Trail – 6 Months To Go

Why Hike the Colorado Trail

Why Hike the Colorado Trail

The Colorado Trail is the perfect culmination of all we have been doing to keep ourselves active and will certainly challenge us across the board, a challenge we gladly accept and look forward to completing. People are taken back when we tell them we are backpacking the Colorado Trail as a thru-hike. Once we describe … Continue reading Why Hike the Colorado Trail

The Colorado Trail

Colorado Trail

Turning fifty, physically, was like a light-switch was flipped and stuck in the on (or off, depending on how you look at it) position. The mental fight began soon after. Hiking the Colorado Trail just seemed like the right thing to do. In 2017 we wanted to hike the Colorado Trail. But, as it were, … Continue reading Colorado Trail