Why We Are MAD – Our Keepsake Story

Miller and Debbie Harrell

This is our story, the story that made us MAD. It is very special to us, and we feel honored to have Project Keepsake share it, please read Why Are They MAD? A Keepsake Story.



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21 thoughts on “Why We Are MAD – Our Keepsake Story

  1. Oh my goodness, what an ordeal. I’m so, so sorry that this had to happen to you two. Your precious daughter, your relationship – people and life can be so cruel. I love your t-shirt story, it’s so sweet and you two deserve to be together for eternity with a love like that.


  2. Project Keepsake is a cool site! It is an honor to have your story there – and what an amazing story. I’m sad you lost your daughter so early and experienced a heart wrenching separation, but it seems like things worked out and you’re together now!


  3. Oh man, what an intense story! I almost didn’t want it to end! So glad that you ended up together and that everything is wonderful! What a great story to share, its so amazing how much you went through. That photo and the shirt definitely speak a lot. Its like what they say “a picture is worth a million words”.


  4. Thanks so much for sharing your story on Project Keepsakes. I know you mourn for your baby & I’m sure you always will but I’m so glad that you ended up with your one true love in the end. I can’t think of a keepsake that I have that has this much meaning to me. I’d reach through and give you a hug if I could.


  5. What an amazing story which you both have together, so many things have happened to you but you’ve stuck together through it all. I am so sorry that you lost your daughter, as a parent I couldn’t imagine anything worse in life. I loved reading the symbolism that the t-shirt has for you and that it’s a combination of your initials – so sweet.


  6. this was an amazing story. I am sorry you had endure some things. One thing that I have learned is that dealing with life blows is much easier when you have a team mate that loves you and willing to fight with you


    1. Nikki, you seriously made our day!! Thank you so much for being so incredibly kind and thoughtful. All of the story, the t-shirt, and specifically how “MAD” came to be is beyond special to us and we feel happy and honored to be able to share it. I can’t thank you enough for leaving such a special comment!! Debbie ❤


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