Colorado Trail Segment 20

Outside Comfort Zone Interview – Women and Hiking

Listen in on Outside Comfort Zone's live vlog as Debbie and a panel of other women share their experiences, tips and tricks after thru hiking the Colorado Trail

Colorado Trail

Life Above Treeline

The morning quiet was deafening. The silence of the alpine void of wind, foliage and wildlife, just two weary travelers making passage across the top of the world. It was late in the day and we were still climbing. Passing from 11,000', 12,000' and on into 13,000' watching the sun slowly sink closer to the … Continue reading Life Above Treeline


Hiking the Colorado Trail

Colorado Trail – 24 Hours To Go

The weather will be perfect, it will be raging...there will be times we will see all four seasons in one day. It will be as predictable as any one raindrop finding its way to earth July 2019, 24 Hours till the Colorado Trail And so it begins, a journey of some five hundred miles across … Continue reading Colorado Trail – 24 Hours To Go