Colorado Trail Segment 14


The title says it all, "From the Airport to the Alpine”, this series is all about getting to and from Colorado trailheads and towns via Denver International Airport without the need of renting a vehicle by using public transportation and other creative methods. With gas prices going up and trailheads overcrowded, these transportation choices look … Continue reading FROM THE AIRPORT TO THE ALPINE: THE COLORADO TRAIL (SEGMENTS 12 – 15)

Colorado Trail

Life Above Treeline

The morning quiet was deafening. The silence of the alpine void of wind, foliage and wildlife, just two weary travelers making passage across the top of the world. It was late in the day and we were still climbing. Passing from 11,000', 12,000' and on into 13,000' watching the sun slowly sink closer to the … Continue reading Life Above Treeline

Getting ready for the Colorado Trail

Colorado Trail – 4 Months To Go

"A roll of toilet paper seems to go for a while until it gets near the end and then it goes really fast." March 2019, 4 months till the Colorado Trail Today was the first day, in what seems to have been a very long time, that we did not wake up to frost, ice … Continue reading Colorado Trail – 4 Months To Go