Interview With The Hike Podcast

The MAD Hippies: From High School Sweethearts to Backpacking Couple by Lori Prima (Season 5 Episode 27) Get to know Miller and Debbie's approach to hiking as a couple, the road to the Colorado Trail, selecting gear, considerations when hiking with their chihuahuas, and how both of them find their trail time to be therapeutic.Lori … Continue reading Interview With The Hike Podcast


The Journey Begins Where the Trail Fades

We walk in nature to immerse ourselves in the raw purity of the natural world hoping to regenerate the balance of body, mind and soulMAD Hippies' Life As we near our 40 year mark, we wanted to define just what MAD Hippies' Life is. Certainly we have grown and matured throughout our lives together and … Continue reading The Journey Begins Where the Trail Fades

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How We Made it 30 years: A Letter From My Husband

It seems that everyone else knows the secret to making marriages last—everyone except for us. It seems that speculation abounds as to which relationships and marriages will last for any length of time, and for how long. Everyone has ideas about what it takes to have lasting lifelong love, and what should and should not be … Continue reading How We Made it 30 years: A Letter From My Husband