Live In Each Moment

Live In Each Moment! “Be aware of the tremendous value of being alive. When you realize the great treasure that lies in every second of life, you will experience the great joy that is inherent in each moment. This awareness will motivate you to utilize each moment to its fullest”… Read more

Is Love Even Real?

What the hell is love anyway? How does one find their soul mate? Is love even real? I’ve seen, read and heard those questions over and over throughout the years and quite honestly have never thought about them myself. I guess I just don’t get it. It’s as if we… Read more

That Was an Ass-Kicker

Finding a word or short phrase to best describe our outings usually comes naturally as the experience defines itself. But when we both agreed on  “that was an ass-kicker!” we just had to laugh. Our recent snowshoeing adventure lead us up into the James Peak Wilderness of Colorado to hike… Read more

Passing Time, Killing Time…Wasting Time

  Passing time, killing time…wasting time. Seems our world is in turbo mode to have constant stimulation, but is it real? Technology is supposed to make life better, and indeed in its defense has to some degree. But we have to wonder, when it comes to relationships on a much… Read more

Rolling on the Floor Laughing

  Rolling on the Floor Laughing is far better than sitting up properly, being stoic and etiquettely acceptable. I think innocence and the joy of being in the moment somehow gets lost as we age. Granted that comes as a no-brainer, it still is quite bothersome to think about. We… Read more

Living in the Moment Where Memories are Made

  Living in the Moment Where Memories are Made OK, maybe I didn’t have some earth shattering headline news event, but around here life happens, it unfolds minute by minute, and every memory is precious to us. Those silly little moments we have that don’t really mean much to most… Read more

Snowshoeing in Paradise

  Our recent trip to Rocky Mountain National Park was nothing short of incredible. It doesn’t matter how many times we head off on a trail in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, we’re still going to be amazed at the landscape. Winter vs Summer, much less Spring or Fall, there… Read more

Why Do Men Want Man Caves?

  I’ll just get right to the point, why the hell would I want a man cave? Correct me if I’m wrong, but from what I’ve been able to ascertain the current social meme of a man cave is that it’s a place for men and their buddies to get… Read more

God My Wife is Hot

  I am constantly amazed at my wife’s ability to remain sane as a woman with all the struggles she has faced in life. From the pressures of society to the unique attributes of being female, she has dealt with so much in every season of life and remained someone… Read more